Immigration, border agencies defend handling of family separations

WASHINGTON - Immigration officials defended the integrity of their agencies' handling of family separations at the border, with one witness telling a Senate panel Tuesday that Border Patrol agents don't leave their "humanity behind when we report for duty."

Analysts downplay Trump threat to shut down government over immigration

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump repeated a threat to shut down the government this fall if Congress does not approve the immigration reforms he wants, including funding for a border wall, but analysts say the threat is likely little more than a political ploy.

Court rejects ICE probe sparked by Maricopa deputies’ illegal search

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court overturned immigration violations against a Valley business, saying that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation of the firm was tainted by an illegal 2013 raid by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

Border Patrol official says Guard deployment has had ‘tremendous value’

WASHINGTON - The chief of the U.S. Border Patrol's Tucson sector told a lawmakers that the deployment of more than 600 National Guard troops to Arizona's border has had "tremendous value" for border agents, but critics said the troops are being "misspent on political show."

After seven weeks apart in Arizona, migrant family reunited in D.C.

WASHINGTON - With a bouquet of roses and open arms, Miguel Calix waited nervously at Washington-Reagan National airport for his wife, daughter and stepdaughter to arrive on a flight from Phoenix, where they had been separated and detained after trying to cross the border and seek asylum from Honduras.