Trump ends family separations, stands firm on ‘zero tolerance’ policy

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered immigration officials to keep undocumented immigrant families together, after weeks of mounting criticism over his administration's "zero tolerance" policy that led to the separation of families at the border.

House immigration vote nears, but GOP fighting puts outcome in doubt

WASHINGTON - The House is poised to take action on two Republican immigration-reform bills, but it was not clear Wednesday if House leaders would be able to muster enough support to pass either. Democrats oppose both and GOP conservatives appeared to balk.

Family separations spark feuds across Capitol; DHS defends handling

WASHINGTON - As Democrats rallied against the government's separation of families at the border, immigration agencies defended the treatment of children in shelters and President Donald Trump lobbied GOP House members on immigration bills he claims could stop the separations.

Poll shows 66% of Americans disagree with border policy: What do Arizona leaders say?

Although several prominent Arizona Republicans haven’t made public statements about the controversial move, many of the state’s elected officials also have come out against the policy.

Puente Arizona speaks out against separation of families at the border

‘Crime against humanity’: Pressure mounts against ‘zero tolerance’ policy separating children from families at border

CBP chief looks to expand vehicle-scanning technology at Nogales port

WASHINGTON - "Non-invasive inspection" technology at the port of Nogales - essentially a drive-through X-ray to scan vehicles - has worked so well that the head of Customs and Border Protection said this week he wants to expand its used there on passenger and commercial vehicles..

Phoenix Rising soccer eyes growth in Valley Latino community

Phoenix Rising FC hopes to grow its popularity in the Valley as it eyes a potential Major League Soccer bid. One area of focus is the Valley’s more than 1.3 million Latinos.

Los Bandidos, Phoenix Rising fans

House leaders derail plan to force vote on bipartisan immigration bills

WASHINGTON - House leaders derailed an attempt by Democrats and moderate Republicans to force a vote on a bipartisan package of immigration reform bills, announcing instead that they will bring two Republican bills to the floor, possibly as soon as next week.

Human rights survey: LGBTQ teens in Arizona feel unsafe in their communities

The survey of 12,000 youths – including 330 in Arizona – show many LGBTQ youths still suffer compared to those who are cisgender, leaders of the Human Rights Campaign said at a news conference in Phoenix

Tucson activists denounce immigrant family separations

Community activists said the Trump administration is criminalizing immigration by wrenching children from their parents at the border and other tough-on-immigration policies.

Sessions limits asylum claims for victims of domestic, gang violence

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that immigrant victims of gang violence or domestic abuse will no longer be able to claim asylum in the U.S., saying the law was not designed to "alleviate all problems" and is being abused by immigrants.

ICE chief defends arrests as ‘focused on criminals,’ advocates disagree

WASHINGTON - The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement defended his agency against charges of racism, saying that 89 percent of those ICE arrested last year had a criminal history, but advocates say most were for minor crimes - not the "bad hombres" the president talks about.