Groups restoring former WWII-era African-American officers club at Fort Huachuca

An abandoned Army building at Fort Huachuca, which was a WWII-era African-American officers club, received a half-million dollar grant to be repurposed for the Sierra Vista community.

The right stuff: Young women take rising interest in taxidermy

There's an emerging trend of young women getting into the art of taxidermy these days, and many of them practice "ethical taxidermy." That means they only use the carcasses of animals that died accidentally or of natural causes.

Smart dressers: Technology flourishes in wearable fashion designs

A model in a pink bodysuit and a red, high-waisted couture skirt featured smart technology designed to ease a woman’s menstrual cramps. Such smart technology was featured in the Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show in Phoenix.

May 8, 2018 Newscast | Cronkite News

The Cronkite News money team brings reports on new business opportunities, trade and funding sources that are fueling the Arizona economy.

May 7, 2018 Newscast | Cronkite News

Sustainability reporters have stories on plastic bag recycling, bees and more

Arizona, U.S. and tribal officials work to save native Apache trout from extinction

The Apache Trout are the state fish of Arizona, but they face of variety of dangers to their survival.

Few Arizona buildings certified as ‘net zero,’ extreme climate poses challenges

The International Living Future Institute, a nonprofit that challenges communities to build sustainable environments, has certified DPR Construction’s Phoenix headquarters as a net zero energy building.

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 1 – Outside the box

In the first episode of season 3 of In Focus, hosts Alexandra Watts and Atlan Hassard bring you stories about sustainable creative solutions to common problems in Arizona.

How Monopoly, Jenga and Battleship show cryptocurrency’s energy drain is no game

Computers in Steve Irwin’s garage in Sun City make him $450 every day by mining for cryptocurrency. But the online currency network also eats energy.

Hazardous materials: Agencies respond to scores of spills and accidents in Arizona every year

In the past decade, hundreds of hazardous materials incidents resulted in deaths, injuries and costly cleanups in Arizona.

Yuma plant meant to conserve water will cost millions to update

In 18 years, the Yuma Desalting Plant has only run three times and now needs millions of dollars to repair and upgrade.

Scientists test device that can extract water from dry Arizona air

A new device, created by MIT scientists, extracts water from the desert air in Tempe.