Shoebox of hope comes full circle to health care, housing for the homeless

A nun who is a doctor established Circle the City, a medical-care facility for people who are homeless. The work started with her collecting donations in a shoebox. It expanded in April to a second location.

Arizona ranks high for hit-and-run deaths, AAA report shows

WASHINGTON - Arizona had the fifth-highest fatal hit-and-run rate among states in 2016, a year that saw the most hit-and-runs fatalities nationwide, according to the AAA, which said that pedestrians and cyclists are the two most likely victims of hit-and-run accidents.

What you should know about your health care data

Businesses and research groups know a lot more about you than you might think. Access to personal data can improve health care, but it also poses privacy risks.

Gene therapy targets incurable diseases, but costs are high and there are risks

Gene therapy, which modifies genes, is starting to get off the ground and its treatments can cure or mitigate otherwise untreatable diseases.

GOP lawmakers make ‘surreal’ return to field where gunman opened fire

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Gloomy skies and a rain-soaked field did not stop Republican lawmakers from returning to practice Wednesday at the baseball field where a gunman opened fire last summer, wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three others, a return one lawmaker described as "surreal.".

Catch some Z’s: Lack of sleep can put you in ER

Chronic sleep disorders can lead to health problems, including serious illness or death, according to sleep specialists.

Swinging for the fences: Chandler bat company finds it way to major leagues

With Major League Baseball back in action, the crack of a wooden bat returns as one of the soundtracks of summer. Some of that sound is courtesy of Valley-based Zinger Bats. The company provides bats for all levels of baseball, including the major leagues.

Domestic abuse is the new realm of concussion studies

Football and other sports have been focus of discussions about brain injury, but experts are also looking to address the needs of domestic abuse victims.


California’s cost of living pushes people to move to Arizona

One California company is relocating its operations to Goodyear, creating 30 new job opportunities.

Warning: Genetic health tests aren’t always good for you

Genetic testing is gaining popularity and can be beneficial but consumers have to watch out for company quality in an industry with limited government regulation, a legal expert says.

From miles away, a doctor can see a stroke victim – and save a life

People who need treatment within minutes of having a stroke get to help quickly on an emergency mobile unit that connects onboard cameras to doctors at a hospital miles away, according to Barrow Neurological Institute.