Extreme heat, other environmental factors could threaten health of Arizona residents

Not only are rising temperatures affecting Arizona, but climate change and other factors could be potentially damaging for the health of Arizona residents. Residents will need to take precautions as these changes worsen.

National Park Service works to attract more ethnically diverse visitors

More than six million people visited Grand Canyon National Park in 2016 but only a small percentage were minorities. Representatives are working on ways to draw more diverse visitors.

Rat poison in prey threatens owls, other animals across Arizona

People use rodenticides to kill rats, but the pesticides kill other wildlife, especially great horned owls.

California’s cost of living pushes people to move to Arizona

One California company is relocating its operations to Goodyear, creating 30 new job opportunities.

Upper Colorado River leaders: Arizona ‘threatens’ delicate water balance

Members of the Upper Colorado River Commission sent a letter late last week to Arizona water officials, saying the state is threatening the water supply for nearly 40 million people

Coloring care: California nonprofit makes new crayons out of broken pieces, donates them to children’s hospitals

A California-based nonprofit is collecting used crayons to repurpose them into new ones for children’s hospitals in Phoenix, Mesa and other parts of the U.S.

Lawmakers, witnesses grapple with how to save Navajo Generating Station

WASHINGTON - Witnesses and lawmakers called for action to head off the 2019 closure of the Navajo Generating Station, a move that could mean the loss of thousands of jobs at the plant and the coal mine that fuels it. But few options were offered on how the plant might be saved.

Malibu bans plastic utensils and straws; Arizona unlikely to do the same

The Malibu City Council has decided to take action by voting in February to ban all of their restaurants from supplying customers with plastic utensils and straws.

Trump administration lifts environmental obstacles to building border wall in New Mexico

The Department of Homeland Security has expedited construction of the reinforced border wall in New Mexico by waiving 20 environmental laws.

Arizona communities receive thousands of dollars to clean up contaminated or blighted ‘brownfields’ properties

Throughout Arizona, local communities have received hundreds of thousands of dollars from an Environmental Protection Agency grant to clean up, redevelop or demolish properties once contaminated by hazardous substances or pollutants.

McCain, Udall honored for their legacy of supporting Grand Canyon

Sen. John McCain was one of two people honored Wednesday with the dedication of a plaque at Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim. The National Park Service and the Grand Canyon Association unveiled the tribute for Sen. McCain and the late Representative Morris Udall near Mather Point.

Keep watching the skies: Fountain Hills earns ‘dark sky’ designation for lighting limitations

Fountain Hills is deemed one of the world's 18 dark sky communities by the International Dark Sky Association for preserving their nights skies.