Eye on the ball: Humidor debuts in D-backs opener

The Diamondbacks on Feb. 13 announced they would incorporate a humidor for the 2018 season to increase weight on the balls and decrease and how far they travel.

Path to citizenship is long, frustrating and expensive

The pathway to citizenship differs based on your status and legality in the country. The pathways to citizenship is still unclear for thousands of DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, while residents have the upper hand.

Trump administration seeks rule change linking immigration status to use of public benefits

A leaked draft of a proposed policy change from the Trump administration details how an immigrant seeking permanent residency in the U.S. can become a public charge and possibly face deportation depending on their use of public benefits.

Citizenship Rush

Arizona snowpack near record low this year, but SRP says the situation isn’t dire yet

Arizona's snowpack this year is far below normal, leaving reservoirs short on water supplies, but SRP officials are trying to use more groundwater as a supplement.

Mesa entrepreneur ignores heart doctors’ warnings, launches career in fitness

The founder and face of LFTD.Lifestyle - a fitness supplement and lifestyle brand - said his desire to get into the profession was driven by reasons much deeper than financial gain.

Vegan grocery store opens in Glendale, a first for Arizona

Owners of a vegan grocery store in Glendale hope the store, which offers groceries completely free of animal products, will attract customers from the Phoenix area.

Uber self-driving cars suspended from Arizona roads; Waymo moves ahead

A day after Gov. Doug Ducey suspended self-driving Uber cars on public roads, Waymo, on Tuesday announced plans to begin ride-hailing service in metro Phoenix by the end of the year.

Phoenix cannabis company uses Super Bowl trash to make concrete in struggling California town it owns

American Green uses trash to create durable, energy-absorbing concrete to rebuild the small town of Nipton, California

Peanuts and Cracker Jack? Try Dutch Bros. and Portillo’s at Chase Field this season

Peanuts and Crackerjacks? Try Dutch Bros. and Portillo's at Chase Field this season. Diamondbacks expanding their dining and entertainment options.

Maricopa County again leads nation’s counties in population growth

WASHINGTON - Maricopa County once again saw the largest population gains among the nation's counties, according to the Census Bureau, which said the county added 73,650 new residents between 2016 and 2017 to top 4.3 million residents for the first time.

Quarterback Sam Bradford ready to move past ‘dark times’ and lead Cardinals

Sam Bradford has long been defined by injuries. As the Cardinals' new quarterback, he hopes to be defined by his success.