Path to citizenship is long, frustrating and expensive

The pathway to citizenship differs based on your status and legality in the country. The pathways to citizenship is still unclear for thousands of DACA recipients and undocumented immigrants, while residents have the upper hand.

Move to change Cesar Chavez Day to ‘National Border Control Day’ spurs anger

Cesar Chavez Leadership Academy's parade consisted of participants honoring Cesar Chavez and showing disapproval for Gohmert's suggested holiday name.

Trump administration seeks rule change linking immigration status to use of public benefits

A leaked draft of a proposed policy change from the Trump administration details how an immigrant seeking permanent residency in the U.S. can become a public charge and possibly face deportation depending on their use of public benefits.

Citizenship Rush

Arizona business leaders stress need for pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients

Arizona business leaders discuss DACA on same day President Donald Trump signs new spending bill.

Immigration poem wins Mesa Community College student a trip to national competition

Jacobo Perez, a Mesa Community College English major, won first place in poetry for his poem, "How to Cross the Border Illegally or How to Make Tamales de Rajas," in the Maricopa Community College District Creative Writing Competition. His poem is about the people who cross the U.S.-Mexico border and the stories they rarely tell.

Young Progressives of Arizona kick off activist training to make their voices heard

Young Progressives of Arizona held its first monthly meeting in Mesa, where high schoolers and adults came together to share stories

Wildflower Bread Co. owner says DACA employees crucial to company’s survival

Owner of AZ-based restaurant chain, Wildflower Bread Company, is speaking out in support of his DACA employees. On of them describes the support she has received from the company.

Interior Secretary Zinke visits Arizona borderlands to talk up Trump’s wall

The Sec. of the Interior visited the US, Mexico border over the weekend to talk with local experts and tribes about the feasibility of a border wall in Arizona.

Valley DACA recipients and advocates claim a win after SCOTUS decision on driver’s licenses

The United States Supreme Court declined on Monday to hear Arizona Dream Act Coalition v. Brewer, which was an attempt to deny driver's licenses to DACA recipients, and in turn, ADAC won.

Face-off: Protesters show up at ‘Pro-America’ rally in Phoenix park

A Make America Great Again rally was held at Cactus Park to show support for President Donald Trump's conservative agenda, while Antifa protesters showed up as well.

From ‘awkward’ to ‘living the dream’: Translator for Brewers’ Ji-Man Choi pulling unique double duty

The Milwaukee Brewers' interpreter for Korea's Ji-Man Choi is embracing the experience, even though he admits at first he had some awkward moments. Now he calls it "living the dream."

Chispa Arizona wants Volkswagen settlement money used to replace diesel school buses

Chispa Arizona's campaign Clean Buses for Healthy Niños has recently gained the support of environmental groups and Councilwoman Kate Gallego.