Arizonans join hundreds paying respects to Billy Graham at Capitol

WASHINGTON - Arizona residents Crystal Van Dyke and Jamie Wooldridge were some of the first in line to pay respects to famed evangelist Rev. Billy Graham as he was lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, one of few civilians accorded the honor.

3 major retailers across the country ban sale of guns, ammunition to customers younger than 21 years old

In a statement released Wednesday morning, Dick's CEO said they will no longer sell assault rifles or high capacity magazines.

Tempe opens low-income housing targeted to veterans, families

Tempe opened a 50-unit development, Valor on Eighth near downtown that has been leased to 45 low-income residents, including 13 veterans and their families.

Feds’ plan could add food stamp work requirement in most counties

WASHINGTON - A USDA plan to more strictly enforce a work requirement for able-bodied food stamp recipients could mean the rule would apply in all but the two Arizona counties with the highest jobless rate - down from the current 12 counties and most Indian reservations.

Arizona falconry takes flight in efforts to promote conservation

A three-day Arizona Falconers Association Desert Hawking Classic showcased falconers - people who train birds of prey to hunt for sport.

Got rage? Break stuff in the anger room and you’ll feel better

The rage room, where people can smash away with anger by taking a hammer or bat to vases, TV sets and keyboards.

East Valley Krav Maga center teaches women to defend themselves

In Arizona, some women are making moves, literally, to protect themselves using an Israeli self-defense system called Krav Maga.

Severe flu season affects thousands of Arizonans

Widespread flu activity has made the 2017-18 season one of the worst in years, especially in Arizona. Every county in the state has confirmed an influenza infection this season, and about 19,000 more Arizonans have been infected compared with last year.

Advocacy group warns public about ‘regressive’ policies on environment, solar industry

Members of a nonprofit environmental advocacy group on Thursday urged the public to pay attention to governmental policies they call "regressive."

Pima sheriff welcomes Sessions’ pledge to crack down on opioid fight

WASHINGTON - Attorney General Jeff Sessions' vow to not "cede a single community, one block or one street corner, to violent gangs and drug dealers" in the fight against opioids was well received at a meeting of sheriffs that included Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier.

Lawmaker: Lack of regulation on Arizona tattoo industry is ‘shocking’

Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, introduced a bill that would require body art establishments - which covers places that do tattoos, piercings, branding and scarifications - to get a health certificate.

Getting worse before it gets better: DEA agent predicts deepening opioid epidemic

At the second annual Arizona Opioid Summit, experts traded knowledge on the opioid epidemic and how it affects Arizona.