Art worlds connect at Arizona-Mexico border event

The Binational Border Residency facilitated an event where artists, dancers and residents from Mexico and Arizona converged at the border fence.

Phoenix DACA recipients and advocates uncertain about SCOTUS decision

Today the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the case of Department of Homeland Security v. Regents of University of California. This was President Donald J. Trump administration's request to bypass the liberal-leaning federal appeals court to end the DACA program on March 5.

Gallego, Latino community promotes Clean Power Plan

Congressman Ruben Gallego opposed the Trump administration's proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan, touting its importance at a round table conference organized by National Council of La Raza Action Fund.

One year later: Family of deported Arizona mom describes living a ‘nightmare’

This story is a follow-up to Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos' deportation, which took place in February of last year. Her children describe trying to adjust to life without their mother. Meanwhile, in Mexico, Guadalupe battles depression and struggles to begin a new life without her husband and children.

Arizona Latinx performers: Using the stage as a platform to show their pride and culture

The mariachi group showcases young musicians and performers whose motivation for playing mariachi music is the same: to represent their Mexican culture with pride.

Congress takes a week off as DACA deadline looms, Dreamers fret

WASHINGTON - Despite days of open debate, the Senate failed to agree on immigration reform this week. With a March 5 deadline on DACA looming - and Congress on recess next week - there is little time to find a way to protect about 800,000 young immigrants who could face deportation.

Witnesses say environmental rules hinder Border Patrol agent access

WASHINGTON - Nogales rancher Dan Bell told lawmakers that the best way to help the border environment might be by removing environmental regulations that hinder access by Border Patrol agents.

Giving the light: SRP employees help restore power in Puerto Rico

Employees from Salt River Company (SRP) returned to the valley last week after spending a month restoring power in Puerto Rico. They share their experiences working through the damage of Hurricane Maria, and tell us how the people of Puerto Rico reacted to their help.

Court proceedings continue after arrests of No More Deaths volunteers

Since the arrest of nine No More Deaths volunteers, the tension between the advocacy group, Border Patrol, and the desert land management along the U.S.-Mexico border has turned No More Deaths' 15-year winning streak in court now on its head.

Senate begins debate on immigration reform with deadlines looming

WASHINGTON - The Senate has plenty of options, and not much time, as it begins the debate with less than three weeks until the current Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program expires. And Senate leaders said they expect to move on to other topics after Friday.

Court revives suit by protesters at Border Patrol checkpoint at Arivaca

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court ordered a new hearing for Arivaca protesters who said the Border Patrol violated their First Amendment rights when they tried to monitor a border checkpoint for potential racial profiling.

Second federal judge rules against Trump’s DACA decision

The Trump administration's decision on DACA was blocked by a federal judge for the second time.