Valley Hispanic immigrants react to President Trump’s State of the Union

Promise Arzina, a local immigrant advocacy group in Phoenix, had a viewing gathering to watch President Trump give his SOTU speech, as they anxiously waited on any news regarding immigration reform.

Gosar call to arrest illegal immigrants at Trump address causes stir

WASHINGTON - Two Arizona lawmakers were among a number of Democrats who invited DACA recipients as guests for the State of the Union address, where another state lawmaker said the immigrants should be arrested by Capitol Police if they cannot provide their papers.

Phoenix Open reaching out to Hispanic community

A new Spanish-language website for the Waste Management Phoenix Open is aimed towards broadening the sport of golf in the Hispanic community. Tournament chairman Carlos Sugich sees this as a big chance to appeal to the demographic.

Wish you were here: CBP tries to sell Nogales to reluctant officers

WASHINGTON - In an effort to better sell Southwest border posts to recruits, Customs and Border Protection brought recruiters from field offices around the country to Tucson, where they took port tours and learned firsthand all the benefits that come from living and working in Arizona.

Customs rotates officers into Nogales to deal with staffing shortages

WASHINGTON - Ports of entry at Nogales are as many as 300 U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers shy of their approved staffing levels, according to the officers' union, leading to long lines that threaten the region's economy.

Hispanic chamber: If Salvadorans with TPS are deported, Arizona’s economy would suffer

Arizona's economy will be affected by the termination of TPS for people from El Salvador.

Both sides blast Trump immigration plan – as racist or as a giveaway

WASHINGTON - A White House plan to give a path to citizenship for 1.8 million immigrants in exchange for a border wall and tougher immigration policies was attacked from all sides, called racist by one side and a shameless giveaway by the other.

When TPS ends: One Valley Salvadoran family’s story

As the Trump administration ends TPS, Salvadoran parents are facing a mountain of worry. Wilber Delgado and his wife, Eva Pineda, struggle as they live not knowing what the future will look like for them and for their children.

Trump citizenship remarks give immigration negotiators glimmer of hope

WASHINGTON - A reported White House plan that could give DACA recipients a path to citizenship will help those working toward an immigration reform compromise "a great deal," said Sen. Jeff Flake, conceding that there is still a long way to go.

Penzone says mending relations with the Hispanic community is an ongoing process

One year after being elected, MCSO Sheriff Paul Penzone talks about efforts to improve relations with the Hispanic community.

Border program breaks down walls, brings American musicians and Mexican children together

Bisbee based artist creates program that unites U.S. musicians and Mexican children, breaking down borders and walls through music

No More Deaths volunteers arrested as group accuses Border Patrol of destroying humanitarian aid

No More Deaths, an immigrant advocacy group that leaves water and aid supplies along desert routes for undocumented migrants trying to cross the border, alleges that Border Patrol agents have dumped thousands of gallons of water left for crossers in the past few years.