Arizona-based women-only boxing franchise expands to keep up with fitness trends

Over the past several years, women-only fitness facilities have exploded in popularity. Boxing gyms, such as the Jabz franchise, have played a role in that growth.

After reeling with U.S. economy, immigrant remittances rebound

WASHINGTON - The global scale of the Great Recession was reflected in remittances, the money immigrants send to family back home, which dropped from $55 billion to $50 billion in one year.

Cyber warfare range opens in Phoenix, trains public to fight threats

The Arizona Cyber Warfare Range – Metro Phoenix opened this fall at Grand Canyon University and allows the public to try their hand at breaking into computer systems, cracking passwords and experimenting with malware.

Construction claws back from recession, ‘new normal’ still unclear

WASHINGTON - A decade after the start of the Great Recession, Arizona's hard-hit construction industry has come back, but experts are wondering how far it can go this time.

Dessert delivery company explores ‘ghost restaurant’ concept in Valley

PHOENIX – Averie Brookes was hanging out with friends late one evening last year when their sweet cravings kicked in.


Phoenix telephone museum re-opens doors, but still faces challenges

PHOENIX – A number of telephone history museums – which celebrate everything from telegraphs and telephone booths to rotary and flip phones – have closed in the past few years.

Old telephone

Arizona-based exorcist: Half of world’s population has demons, he turns to Skype to release them

SCOTTSDALE – Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to serving the poor, was exorcised on her deathbed in late 1996, according to published reports, because the Archbishop of Calcutta feared she was “being attacked by the devil.”

The Rev. Bob Larson

Archaeology professor, students dig into Bisbee baseball history

BISBEE – The students digging beneath the stands at Bisbee’s Warren Ballpark have unearthed a few artifacts that provide a glimpse into what life was like for fans of the century-old ballpark: firearm cartridges, broken glass bottles, bus tokens.

Flake joins McCain as Republicans line up behind Senate tax-cut plan

WASHINGTON - Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake ended his holdout Friday and agreed to vote for the GOP tax-cut plan, joining fellow Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain and helping Republican leaders get the margin they needed to pass the bill.

Too historic to tear down? Battling over blighted houses in Bisbee

BISBEE – Longtime Bisbee resident Renee Reed remembers how the dilapidated home across the street used to look.