Local Latino veterans come together to share art, hope to leave legacy of their service

PHOENIX - Memories of the battlefield were brought back to life at “Los Veteranos De Arizona” art exhibit.

People with art

In Focus DACA Special Report: Episode 4

They are the minority of the minorities, the recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals who come from countries you may not immediately associate with DACA. In this fourth episode of our In Focus DACA Special Report, we talk with the young immigrants from countries other than Mexico - who account for one in five of the 800,000 DACA recipients in the U.S.

Arizonans join hundreds in raucous protests demanding action on DACA

WASHINGTON - Hundreds of protesters packed the lobby of a Senate office building Thursday, their chants echoing off the marble walls as they demanded that Congress vote to protect DACA recipients.

What Maria washed away: Puerto Ricans resettle in Arizona

FOUNTAIN HILLS — Maria Torres sat in her daughter’s living room remembering the day Hurricane Maria made landfall in her town of Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, and changed her life forever.


Chinese community waits for temporary injunction decision on cultural center

PHOENIX — The future of the Chinese Cultural Center is still uncertain as the community awaits a judge’s decision in an upcoming hearing.

Patrons eat lunch at the Szechwan Palace

Hopi to elect new leaders as planned plant closure threatens tribe’s financial future

SECOND MESA – Houses and corn fields dot the Hopi reservation, spread across three mesas in northeastern Arizona and circled by the much larger Navajo Nation. The seemingly barren Hopi land carries a rich, centuries old history and, now, an uncertain economic future.

Hop dance

After Texas tragedy, Phoenix religious communities consider security

PHOENIX — “They’re our brothers and sisters that are just a couple states away,” Margarete Nasir said. “The church was a small church like ours.”

Tempe church

Immigrants wary as DHS ends Nicaraguan protection, extends Hondurans

WASHINGTON - Arizona immigrants with Temporary Protected Status who were looking to the Department of Homeland Security for clues to their future in the U.S. may have been left with more questions than answers after an announcement Monday.

Plans for Latino Cultural Center raise questions, but advocates stay hopeful

PHOENIX — A recent report about the future of a proposed Latino cultural center in Phoenix found “a significant need” for the center, a place where local artists and community will have a voice in arts that reflect their heritage.

‘I just couldn’t breathe’: A transgender man’s journey

PHOENIX  – Sam Staas was designated female when he was born. It took years before he realized he was a boy.


Mesa police chief brings new perspective to force

MESA ‒ For new Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista, engaging with the community is just as important, if not more, than “catching bad guys.”

Art exhibit in Phoenix gives young Hispanic immigrants a way to express themselves

PHOENIX — Thousands of miles from home, ten 17-year-old young men living in Arizona found a way to connect to their roots.

man painting