Good Book gets good look in town where The Word is usually political

WASHINGTON - The Washington monument that Mark Singer and Kim Bongiorno came to see wasn’t old and it wasn’t on the National Mall and it wasn’t dedicated – strictly – to U.S. history. But don’t tell the Scottsdale couple that it wasn’t worth the trip.

For political pros, keeping Thanksgiving civil is a political art itself

WASHINGTON - Three things are likely to ruin an otherwise good Thanksgiving: too much alcohol, too-dry stuffing and talking politics at the dinner table. But how do you navigate the holiday when talking about politics is not just a hobby, but your career?

In Focus, Season 2 Episode 5: Miss DJ MJ

Miss DJ MJ is a local Arizona DJ who doubles as a financial advisor. She has played around the country for popular clubs, private events and for major celebrities. While she continues playing for celebrities and events, Miss DJ MJ also helps people with their financial needs.

Suicide survivor shares story of grief, healing

PHOENIX — On May 2, 2015, Zach Giron died by suicide. Since then, his mother Gina Gillis has struggled to grieve for her 26-year-old son, asking questions that have no answers.

Phoenix neighborhood grant provides low-cost access to Grid Bikes

PHOENIX – The city is bringing a bike share program to a central Phoenix neighborhood at a fraction of the usual cost, teaching about safety and providing exercise options to residents who wouldn’t be able to afford the program.

Tell us: How did the Great Recession affect you?

It was nearly 10 years ago — December 2007 — that the National Bureau of Economic Research marks as the start of a deep recession the United States, what is often called the Great Recession.