Día de los Muertos: Honoring the past while making a statement about the future

PHOENIX — “This connects us to our ancient, indigenous past.”


Four Latinos form Arizona’s first legislative LGBT Caucus

PHOENIX - Six years ago, it was a young intern who helped save Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s life in a shooting that shocked Arizona and the nation. Now, that same intern has made history again by helping to found the first LGBT Caucus in the Arizona Legislature.


Students march for DACA, against Arizona Attorney General’s lawsuit

“When student rights are under attack, what do we do?” “STAND UP, FIGHT BACK!” TEMPE - Last Thursday, the student organization Undocumented Students for Education Equity lead a march in support of DACA students. Dozens of students marched through Arizona State University’s main campus, chanting and holding signs.


ASU DREAMers and supporters march in favor of DACA, against in-state tuition lawsuit

PHOENIX ‒ With only four months left to pass legislation to protect DREAMers, dozens of Arizona State University students gathered Thursday on the Tempe campus to advocate for a solid DREAM Act, while also protesting against the lawsuits that would deny them access to in-state tuition.

DACA march

Foreign language teachers innovate to create a more engaging environment for students

TEMPE — One takeaway from the Arizona Computer Assisted Language Learning conference was that mixing technology and languages, could soon make textbooks a thing of the past.

Professor Silvana Domaz

Hundreds of bodies found near the border remain unidentified

TUCSON — Artist Alvaro Enciso lives on the Northeast side of Tumamoc Hill in a house full of art, including three-foot white crosses created to deliver a deeper message about death.


Through open mic, Valley community bands together to help those still affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

PHOENIX — Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico roughly 36 days ago, a number etched in Amber Cordoba’s mind as she thinks about the destruction and chaos faced day after day by those still on the island.

Open Mic

Democrats renew call for a quick vote on a ‘clean’ Dream Act bill

WASHINGTON - Democratic lawmakers said Wednesday that there is a growing sense of urgency for a Dream Act vote - and a growing sense that they will delay the next budget bill in December if there is not a vote by then.

Fear of deportation makes the painful experience of domestic violence worse

PHOENIX - Shantelle Satchel was 17 years old when she met the man who would change her life forever back in Milwaukee. Two years later, he shot her in the face because he saw her getting out of a car with two men.

shirts for awareness

At least 1,100 in Arizona could lose TPS coverage, face deportation

WASHINGTON - Yesenia Chavarria traveled from Arizona and joined scores of immigrants outside the White House Tuesday to plead for an extension of their temporary protected status, a problem one expert calls "the most important issue most people have never heard of."

Phoenix official: Working with feds on immigration hurts local policing

WASHINGTON - Phoenix Assistant City Manager Milton Dohoney joined local officials from across the country Tuesday who said it's not their job to do the work of federal immigration authorities.

Phoenix Police Department seeks to diversify by promoting wide array of career possibilities

PHOENIX – Hundreds of people gathered at the Phoenix Convention Center last Friday to learn more about the diverse opportunities within the Phoenix Police Department, and for many it was also a chance to see if they had what it takes to join the ranks.

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