DACA: legally, what happens now?

PHOENIX - Tuesday’s announcement on the phase-out of the DACA program left recipients with many questions regarding what their legal options are and what steps they now may need to follow.

Marchers go from White House to ICE offices to protest DACA decision

WASHINGTON - Hundreds of demonstrators marched peacefully - but not quietly - in Washington Tuesday to protest the Trump administration's decision to "wind down" deferred deportation protections for illegal immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children.

White House says phasing out DACA is least harmful to young immigrants

WASHINGTON - Trump administration officials defended their proposal to "wind down" a deferred deportation program over the next six months, calling it the least disruptive way of terminating a program that has protected 800,000 young immigrants.

Arizona lawmakers sour on plan to revoke DACA, vow to work on new bill

WASHINGTON - Arizona Democrats, joined by some Republicans, had harsh words for the Trump administration's Tuesday announcement that it will revoke the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program unless Congress can agree on a replacement in six months.

DACA repeal could have negative economic impact in Arizona

PHOENIX — Through DACA, Lili Sanchez has been able to obtain work as a licensed real estate agent and provide for her two young children. The fate of her profession and source of income now rests entirely in the hands of President Donald Trump. If the program is repealed, Sanchez will have few options left and will have to start from zero again.