Trump comments on NAFTA talks put some Arizona businesses on edge

WASHINGTON - One day after President Donald Trump's prediction that the U.S. could "end up terminating NAFTA at some point," business and political leaders expressed hope Wednesday that negotiations on a new deal will still be allowed to play out.

Phoenix leaders pledge to keep Trump rally safe; some schools, businesses to close early

PHOENIX – Local law enforcement leaders, school officials and businesses are bracing for President Donald Trump’s visit to Arizona on Tuesday, with public officials saying they are calmly working to avoid violent clashes between supporters and counter-protesters expected to clog downtown Phoenix.

Despite more judges, immigration courts backlog grows to record high

WASHINGTON - Immigration court cases waiting to be heard hit an all-time high of 607,755 in June - 10,031 of them in Arizona - despite the hiring of more judges and a Trump administration directive to expedite cases.

Mexican Baseball Fiesta coming to Cubs’ Sloan Park

MESA —The Chicago Cubs are looking to bring more of a “fiesta” atmosphere to Sloan Park.

DHS may not have capacity to hire 15,000 officers Trump promised

WASHINGTON - The Homeland Security Department may not have the resources needed to hire the thousands of new agents President Donald Trump has ordered, and even if it could it might not know how to best deploy them.

Pension Trap

Trump backs ‘merit-based’ visa bill that could halve legal immigration

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump threw his support behind a bill Wednesday that would slash immigration into the United States and create a merit-based system favoring those who speak English, have higher education and high-paying job offers.

Activists angered as DHS waives environmental rules on border projects

WASHINGTON - The Department of Homeland Security invoked a waiver of environmental and other regulations Tuesday to speed construction of border projects, a decision that critics said will "endanger wildlife and people."