Conservation groups to continue Sonoran bald eagle protections

PHOENIX – Local conservation and environmental organizations plan to expand efforts to protect and grow Sonoran bald eagle populations after a federal court decision to deny the birds a spot on the endangered species list.

bald eagle

Court rejects bid to declare Sonoran Desert bald eagle endangered

WASHINGTON - A federal court has rejected a bid to declare the Sonoran Desert bald eagle an endangered species, saying the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acted properly when it determined the birds were no different than other bald eagles.

Zinke recommends keeping all national monuments, downsizing some

WASHINGTON - Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Thursday he will not call for the removal of any national monuments but will recommend downsizing an unnamed "handful" of monuments in a report to the White House.

Arizona group wants $57 million Volkswagen settlement to go toward electric school buses

PHOENIX – A local grassroots environmental group gathered outside the Arizona state Capitol on Thursday to draw attention to diesel pollution. They want state officials to use the nearly $57 million the state will receive from the national Volkswagen settlement to replace diesel school buses with electric buses.

cardboard school bus

Thousands of Arizonans attend viewing parties to catch rare solar eclipse

PHOENIX – People began lining up near the Hayden Library on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus by 7 a.m. Monday to snag some free solar-safe glasses and watch the Great American Eclipse.

Grand Canyon water pipeline slated for multimillion-dollar replacement

GRAND CANYON - An aging pipeline bringing water to residents, resorts and 6 million visitors a year at the Grand Canyon has broken about 80 times since 2010 and needs a multimillion-dollar replacement, park officials say.

Despite best efforts, years of drought leave state little room for error

WASHINGTON - Arizona's top water official told a congressional committee Wednesday that even though the state has done a lot right, years of drought still threaten to push the region into a water emergency in the next few years.

Activists angered as DHS waives environmental rules on border projects

WASHINGTON - The Department of Homeland Security invoked a waiver of environmental and other regulations Tuesday to speed construction of border projects, a decision that critics said will "endanger wildlife and people."

Study: Extreme heat could ground airline flights more often

PHOENIX – Climate change that brings rising temperatures could lead to more grounded flights, according to a Columbia University study.