Young Tempe entrepreneurs create website to ease search for cheap parking

TEMPE - Two college entrepreneurs have started a website to help Tempe residents and Arizona State University students find parking quickly and cheaply at local homes.

Corporation commissioner: Market change forcing regulators to adapt

WASHINGTON - For most people, electricity is simple: Flip on a switch or plug into the wall and power your devices. But for power companies and the regulators who oversee them, emerging technologies and innovations have introduced complications that are forcing administrators to rethink how they do their jobs.

Scottsdale Fashion Square renovates to keep luxury shoppers in stores and offline

SCOTTSDALE – Scottsdale Fashion Square, known for bringing Gucci, Neiman Marcus and Prada stores to the Valley, is trying to fight online shopping fervor by adding luxury touches for its high-end shoppers.

Treibball: the urban herding sport for all dogs

PHOENIX -- In 2010, Will Bruner was working in Colorado when he saw a listing for an introductory class to Treibball. He was intrigued.

Tips to save your home from monsoon damage

PHOENIX – Monsoons can be tough on homes. Debbie Hernandez of Home Depot offers tips to keep a storm from wrecking a house or yard:

Phoenix Rising hopes Gold Cup success helps MLS cause

GLENDALE — Valley soccer fans showed once again that their passion for the world’s most popular sport is alive and well.

Pleasant day at lake can turn deadly for boaters caught in monsoon

LAKE PLEASANT – Law enforcement and recreation officials are urging boaters to practice safety during an intense monsoon season.

Technology helps trauma survivors accelerate PTSD treatment, recovery

SCOTTSDALE – Traci Temple St. John suppressed the trauma of her childhood for years. Adults said they loved her, then physically and sexually abused her, she said.

What to know about glioblastoma, the brain cancer Sen. John McCain is battling

Glioblastoma, the cancer afflicting John McCain, is an aggressive cancer that originates in the brain.

Advocates: Obamacare repeal would ‘painfully disrupt’ Arizona care

WASHINGTON - A Senate proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no replacement plan in place "would immediately and painfully disrupt the health care system" and could force as many as 709,000 Arizonans off coverage, advocates said this week.

Warner’s journey to Hall of Fame includes wife by his side

PHOENIX — The career of former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner isn’t just defined by his football achievements. It is shaped by faith, service, commitment and the person in Warner’s life who helped bring each of those together.

‘Paper clip’ heart implant monitors problems, alerts doctor’s smartphone

PHOENIX - David Barnard felt a pain in his chest. His vision blurry and his left arm limp, he turned to his friend.