May 26, 2017 Newscast

Cronkite News future special: smart homes, stem cells and teaching tech

Arizona cyber experts warn that WannaCry outbreak just tip of iceberg

WASHINGTON - Arizona cybersecurity experts called the recent international cyberattacks known as "WannaCry" among the worst attacks they have seen, and they called it a warning about the country's lack of cybersecurity preparation.

Cosplay industry grows rapidly, Arizona benefits from pop culture phenomenon

TUCSON – When Dustbunny first learned about cosplay in high school, she viewed it as just “dress up.”

From bug zappers to brain games: Meet some Flinn Foundation bioscience winners

PHOENIX – What does a bug zapper and a brain game have in common?

Officials hope new Mayo Clinic medical school in Scottsdale will help ease state’s doctor shortage

SCOTTSDALE – Dr. Amit Shah smiles as he demonstrates the new technology at the Mayo Clinic’s new medical school campus in Scottsdale.

Parker saloon owner turns to solar for power, but keeps other technology at bay

PARKER – The moment you take a sharp right turn off State Route 95 and onto Cienega Springs Road near Parker, there’s no such thing as a pit stop along the 5-mile journey. The bumpy, winding road leads to The Desert Bar, a secluded, booze-friendly landmark that’s been a staple in the area for more than 34 years.

How will robots change the agricultural industry in Arizona?

PHOENIX – Each day, workers at Abby Lee Farms walk down the aisles – sometimes on stilts – to inspect, prune and hand pick tomatoes on the 3-acre, indoor facility in Phoenix.

Google this: Court rejects businessman’s claim against Google trademark

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court this week rejected a businessman's claim that Google cannot trademark the verb form of its name because "to google" has become synonymous with internet searching.