Unwelcome house calls: Arizonans complain about medical debt collectors

WASHINGTON - Arizonans have filed 439 complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about medical debt collectors since the bureau started tracking complaints in 2013, the 11th-highest rate in the nation, according to a new report.

VA unveils tool to give vets clearer picture of medical care, delays

WASHINGTON - Veterans advocates said they were cautiously optimistic Wednesday about a new Department of Veteran Affairs website that aims to provide veterans better information on wait times and quality of care at the agency's hospitals.

Maricopa County boomed in 2016, but Pinal benefited from the echo

WASHINGTON - Maricopa County added more people last year than any other county in the nation, but it was neighboring Pinal County that posted the fastest growth rate in the state, a beneficiary of overflow from its neighbor to the north.

Pedestrian deaths continue to rise, Arizona ranks third highest in 2016

PHOENIX - Distracted driving and walking is contributing to a 20-year high in pedestrian deaths, according to data collected in the first half of 2016 by the Governors Highway Safety Association. The preliminary report estimates that the 2016 total could rise to almost 6,000 pedestrian fatalities.

Surviving cancer: Share your story

Cronkite News is reaching out to see if you or if someone you know has unfortunately been affected by cancer.