Unstable ground: How earth fissures wreak havoc on Pinal County

Areas of Pinal County are riddled with earth fissures that can open up at any moment. Some residents live in constant fear of the fissures in their own backyards, and county officials say they’re powerless to do anything about it.

In Focus, episode 7: ‘Aging out’ of foster care in Arizona

On this episode of In Focus, we look at the foster care system in Arizona, specifically for those in the system over the age of 18. Although foster children can leave the foster care system when they turn 18, they can sign a voluntary agreement to continue until they turn 21. Why might some teens decide stay? We talk with one young woman who explains her choice.

April 21, 2017: Social Refresh

Social Refresh: Cronkite News top broadcast stories of the week

Orthorexia nervosa: When healthy eating becomes unhealthy

Are you an Arizonan with orthorexia nervosa? Share your experience with us.

Edward Escobar: The man who transformed Transborder Studies at ASU is retiring

PHOENIX - When Edward Escobar put in his application to work for Arizona State University in 1993, he was charged with the task of creating a Chicano Studies course, the first of its kind on campus.

April 14, 2017: Cronkite News producer picks of the week

This week’s top Cronkite News stories include reporting on college students struggling finding enough to eat, a police department using virtual reality to train officers, new research about immigrant students and more.