Artists uncover ‘Invisible Mexico’ through augmented reality

PHOENIX - A new exhibit by the award-winning team of Hakeem Khaaliq and Queen Muhammad Ali that showcases isolated descendants of African natives who settled in Mexico is on display at the monOrchid gallery in downtown Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row.

Latino entrepreneurs who own startups say immigrant experience helped them succeed

PHOENIX - Under yellow tea lights in the backyard of a house-turned-office space in north Phoenix, Latino startup owners discussed a major parallel between being an immigrant and an entrepreneur: taking a risk for a better future.

New travel ban by Trump stirs up same old arguments for, against

WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump signed a revised travel ban Monday that dials back vetting procedures from his earlier executive order but keeps much of the rest - sparking similar debate among supporters and critics of the original action.

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Trump call for merit-based immigration puzzles experts, advocates

WASHINGTON - Immigration advocates are unsure what the merit-based immigration system President Donald Trump called for on Tuesday would do for the country - mostly because they don't know exactly what the president meant.

Court overturns re-entry conviction for man arrested in Nogales port

WASHINGTON - Rosario Vazquez-Hernandez was washing windows of cars waiting at the Mariposa Port of Entry, as he did most days, when Border Patrol agents grabbed him on charges that he was attempting to re-enter the U.S. illegally in 2014.

Are you willing to pay more for American-grown produce?

Cronkite News wants to hear from Arizonans including growers, people who work in the produce industry and consumers.

Unknown fate: What is next for DACA recipients?

President Donald Trump has not made any changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but he has not said if the policy will remain the same.

Demolition begins on border mural painted by children in Mexico

PHOENIX -- For the past two months, residents of Naco, Mexico, have seen construction vehicles along the border. On Tuesday, workers began bringing down part of the fence that features a one-mile mural that Mexican children have painted the past six years.

Farmers worried possible import tax will hurt border produce business

IMURIS, Mexico - Mexican music blares over the speakers of greenhouse located in Sonora, an hour drive south of the border, where workers tend to 60,000 tomato plants with bunches of fruit just turning scarlet. The destination after harvest: grocery stores across the United States.

No longer peddling: Guadalupe bike shop closes its doors

GUADALUPE – For eight years, the residents of this town relied on a soft-spoken and friendly shop owner when it came to repairing their bicycles.

Has the funeral of a loved one been affected by the border?

Cronkite News wants to know how the border between Mexico and the United States has impacted your family, particularly during the loss of a loved one.