Hands clasped

Choreographer shows power of street dance activism

People and books

‘Más,’ the play about the ethnic studies ban in Tucson, premieres in Phoenix

Napolitano: DACA must be protected until immigration reform arrives

Claudia Franco

Consul of Mexico in Phoenix expresses appreciation for help, says more is needed

Napolitano has hopes for NAFTA talks, despite U.S.-Mexico climate

The Santa Cruz River

A cleaner Santa Cruz River helps Tucson community connect

Girl crying

Volunteers help DACA recipients through ‘nerve wracking’ renewal process

DACA march

DREAMers consider risk of ICE using personal information against them

Grijalva in handcuffs

Rep. Grijalva arrested protesting outside of Trump Tower in New York City

Trump deals with Democrats and DREAMers decide whether to believe

Woman with son

Community leaders and organizations team up to collect funds for DACA renewals

Community church members

White privilege isn’t so black and white

Despite slow going, faith leaders vow to continue push for DREAM Act

Buzz on rumored DACA deal dissolves to drone on what was really said

Karina Ruiz

As Democrats announce deal, Trump tweets, DREAMers and advocates react


After the end of DACA, supporters and dissenters look to DREAM Act

Phoenix City Council members

Chinese community fights back for its cultural center

Street sign

South Phoenix hopes light rail extension will bring end to historic segregation

DACA recipient reflects on rough road ahead

Muslim participants

Meet A Muslim Day aims for open dialogue

Sierra Vista firm gets contract for part of border wall construction

Democrats raise the stakes in push to get vote on ‘clean’ DREAM Act

Chey Tor trip organizer

Valley residents head to Texas to provide aid and supplies to victims of Hurricane Harvey

USEE meeting

ASU’s DACA students meet, plan action

Daniel Rodriguez

Local attorney helps DREAMers plan for uncertain future

Film screening in Tempe opens door to discussion of portrayal of Latinas in media

Trump tweets Dreamers have “nothing to worry about” for six months, Twitter users react

One day after DACA decision, Democrats push for vote on DREAM Act

ready to march

Arizona higher education administrators work to reassure DACA students

Future Lawyer

DACA: legally, what happens now?

Marchers go from White House to ICE offices to protest DACA decision

Advocates’ response to DACA decision is swift, broad-based, emotional

White House says phasing out DACA is least harmful to young immigrants

Arizona lawmakers sour on plan to revoke DACA, vow to work on new bill

DACA recipient

Arizona business leaders say DACA repeal could have millions in economic impact

DACA recipeint

Trump’s DACA decision brings tears, uncertainty, determination for recipients


DACA repeal could have negative economic impact in Arizona

Ministers plan fast to support DACA as White House weighs program

Tempe firm wins contract for construction of border wall prototype

Soccer field

Soccer team provides safe outlet for African refugees in the Valley

DACA signs

DACA: The process and the impact of its possible removal

High turnout for city council meeting as police are under review

Trump threatens shutdown over border wall funding

Protest signs

DACA support continues as community awaits Trump’s decision

International signees could help accelerate rebuilding process of ASU men’s tennis

Chinese Cultural Center Outside

Phoenix Chinese community shocked by sale of cultural center property

Jack Wilenchik

Arpaio’s lawyer files motion to vacate conviction after presidential pardon

Tempe Islamic Community Center

Tempe mosque opens its doors in hopes of changing perceptions

latino bloggers

Phoenix Latino bloggers look to increase potential through community engagement

Trump comments on NAFTA talks put some Arizona businesses on edge

Phoenix leaders pledge to keep Trump rally safe; some schools, businesses to close early

Despite more judges, immigration courts backlog grows to record high

Mexican Baseball Fiesta coming to Cubs’ Sloan Park

Pension Trap

DHS may not have capacity to hire 15,000 officers Trump promised

Trump backs ‘merit-based’ visa bill that could halve legal immigration

Activists angered as DHS waives environmental rules on border projects

European vacation? This is business for ASU basketball

House OKs spending bill with border wall funds, other amendments

Defense spending bill could include $1.6 billion to start border wall

Study: Senate bill could give 1.8 million DREAMers path to citizenship

Senators call limits on trade, travel with Cuba a travel ban in reverse

‘No surprises’ as administration releases goals for renegotiating NAFTA

Democrats cry foul at loss of border wall ban in defense budget bill

Frustrated senators urge DHS to fill ‘gaping holes’ on visa overstays

National Council of La Raza encourages Latino youth to vote when they turn 18

Carteron’s unique journey takes him to Phoenix Rising

La Raza, largest Latino group in the U.S., returns to a ‘changed’ Arizona

Arizona Regents: DREAMers to keep in-state tuition for now

Border ranchers air immigration grievances at talk-radio convention

House passes bills aimed at crimes committed by illegal immigrants

Hiring freeze lifted, Phoenix police seek diverse recruits

Mesa woman continues fight against immigrant crime with new group

Supreme Court may be eyeing state’s appeal on DACA driver’s licenses

CBP: Border wall will mix walls, tech, patrols and ‘natural barriers’

Spray paint reads "never forget" and "no more deaths"

Court gives Mexican family new chance to sue Border Patrol agent

Visa Reprieve

Trump gets partial win from Supreme Court on stalled travel ban

Run-in between Border Patrol, No More Deaths volunteers was not first

Posters, shoe deals, international success find Millage after ASU basketball career

Advocates, DHS officials caution that DACA future still up in the air

Australians discover physical basketball, large food portions when transitioning to WNBA

Ducey touts value of Mexico trade, hopes to be in any negotiations

Latino community members ask Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to restore trust

ICE director says ‘no population is off the table’ for immigration arrests

Six years later, slain Border Patrol agent’s family still seeks answers

Pension Trap

House OKs plan to waive lie-detectors for some Border Patrol applicants

Civil rights leaders want six Confederate memorials in Arizona removed

Border patrol, Mexico 911 operators work to save ill, injured migrants who cross border

International play beneficial for Arizona Coyotes

Despite low pay, WNBA still attraction to international players

English contingent leads Phoenix Rising FC

Arizona churches offer sanctuary to immigrants seeking refuge

Tribulations and triumph: Phoenix theater troupes explore diversity and community

May 24, 2017 Newscast

House panel calls for crackdown on ‘growing problem’ of visa overstays

Visa Reprieve

Homeland Security: More than 600,000 overstayed U.S. visas in 2016

Border IOU

Bills to ease Border Patrol hiring advance in Senate, stall in House

Emma and Elvia: An undocumented mother’s dedication to her daughter with disabilities

Women’s collective encourages environmental, economic sustainability in Agua Prieta’s poorest area

Arizona migration trends tracked through ‘death map’ of discovered human remains

Environmentalists face uphill borderlands battle with proposed wall

Mexican anti-poverty program is model for the world

For mothers back home, remittance benefits come at a cost

Money from relatives in U.S. sustains many Mexican families

Changes to NAFTA could affect business on both sides of border

Paving the way for CANAMEX, highway of the future

Concert at port of entry aims to unify both sides of border, break down barriers

NAFTA’s impact: Real or imagined, Trump campaigned on promise to renegotiate it, bring work back to U.S.

DACA teachers, used to comforting, find themselves in need of comfort

Phoenix Latino arts community highlights stories of immigrants, stresses unity under Trump

Transgender and undocumented leader fights for rights in Arizona

Family members hail opening of office for victims of immigrant crime

Surge of community events aims to quell undocumented immigrants’ fears, teach legal rights

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit attracts crowds at Heard Museum, only North American stop

Border IOU

Rush to hire border agents raises concerns about unqualified officers

Outreach program teaches Latino families about the dangers of substance abuse

Democrats: Border wall could block budget, force government shutdown

DACA clubs provide resources, support for undocumented students

Advocates criticize Latino vendors for bids on ‘shameful’ border wall

Advocates: Kelly went ‘too far’ telling Congress fix laws or ‘shut up’

‘New Voices’ event gives leaders a forum to make impact on Latino community

Sessions: Sanctuary cities ‘dangerously undermine’ fight against gangs

Kelly touts Homeland Security gains, has harsh words for critics

Educators in Arizona: Talk to us about the teacher shortage

Edward Escobar: The man who transformed Transborder Studies at ASU is retiring

Suspected shooter in 2010 Border Patrol slaying arrested in Mexico

Polygraphs for Border Patrol applicants seen as hurdle to hiring rush

Opponents file suit to block border wall on environmental grounds

Act of solidarity, compassion: Volunteers visit ICE detainees at Eloy facility

El Concilio celebrates 25 years of uniting Latino, Chicano, Hispanic students at ASU

Arizona history serves as key legal argument in states’ court brief supporting Trump travel ban

New U.S. citizen makes music for his homeland of Burundi

Signs of the times: Tucson artist aims to capture the history of the south side

Coalition calls for release of Mexican journalist seeking political asylum in U.S.

Kelly: Trump is giving him ‘elbow room’ on what border wall should be

Water cooperation across U.S.-Mexico border essential, complex

Senate panel asks experts if border wall is best approach to security

Arizona soccer club helps young refugees adapt to new life

ASU provides support to international students as concerns over travel ban grow

‘Adopting’ Syrian refugees in Phoenix builds bridges between cultures

Cronkite News Borderlands Special

Valley police departments lag behind their cities in Latino representation

From fresh produce to inmate job training, Nogales food bank fills a basket of needs

No divide on this border issue; both sides urge less partisan posturing

Borderlands Theater has been putting on a show for three decades in Tucson

City of Phoenix opens new trade office, signs economic agreements with two Mexican cities

Call for crackdown on immigration, sanctuary cities, splits House panel

California growers rely on Arizona honey bees for almond crop

Arizona border crossing deaths are honored one story at a time through art

Women’s interfaith event emphasizes unity across all religions

U.S. Customs and Border Protection to sponsor, recruit at Country Thunder

Young leader in Arizona Democratic Party works to unite voters

Morale, hiring practices could hinder plan to boost border agents

Would you welcome refugees into your community?

Immigration advocates rally in Washington, vow to take fight back home

Undocumented families use art to heal emotional wounds

Advocates leery of plan to hire more immigration judges, prosecutors

Texas residents caught between home and a hard place if wall is built

Trump budget would hire team of lawyers to secure land on border

Mexican presidential candidate files complaint against Trump policies

Will California go against President Donald Trump on immigration?

As feds crack down on immigration, locals push to protect residents

A border runs through it: Tribes wary of wall on reservation land

Phoenix immigration attorney leads campaign for Mexico to boycott U.S. corn

Artists uncover ‘Invisible Mexico’ through augmented reality

Latino entrepreneurs who own startups say immigrant experience helped them succeed

Visa Reprieve

New travel ban by Trump stirs up same old arguments for, against

Trump call for merit-based immigration puzzles experts, advocates

Court overturns re-entry conviction for man arrested in Nogales port

Are you willing to pay more for American-grown produce?

Unknown fate: What is next for DACA recipients?

Demolition begins on border mural painted by children in Mexico

Farmers worried possible import tax will hurt border produce business

No longer peddling: Guadalupe bike shop closes its doors

Has the funeral of a loved one been affected by the border?

Lawmakers host kids of deported mom to send message to Trump

Arizona groups use social media to rally supporters, organize protests

Childcare program allows refugee parents to focus on much-needed classes

McSally faces tense crowd at town hall near Tucson

Latino comics use humor to highlight issues in Trump era

Maricopa County attorney says new DHS policies will not change local immigration enforcement tactics

Arizona officials react to new DHS order expanding immigration enforcement

Slow lines at U.S.-Mexico border help street vendors make a fast buck

Stepping into Glendale mosque, leaving with education about Muslim faith

Legal aid, advice available for immigrants, but ‘notario’ fraud also prevalent

Supreme Court facade

Supreme Court asked if Mexican family can sue in cross-border shooting

Homeland Security details plans to enforce Trump immigration policies

Valley artist Carlos Rivas, 36, works on a portion of a mural in downtown Phoenix.

Share your thoughts about Latino art in Phoenix

Refugees in Phoenix connect to families, assistance through free computers

Democrats leave ICE meeting convinced arrests a taste of what’s to come

Agencies seek help fighting ‘sophisticated’ criminal threat at border

New mural in downtown Phoenix promotes peace and unity

Phoenix denies sanctuary city petition, immigrant advocates vow to continue push

Arizona businesses close for “A Day without Immigrants”

Mexican gray wolf photo

How will the border wall affect the environment?

Arizona ranchers want border wall, worry about more Border Patrol agents on their land

Guide aids, educates families on what to do if ‘picked up by ICE in Arizona’

Political ideologies of the past still resonate with the residents of Bisbee

Trump won’t say where or how, but vows fight to reinstate travel ban

Emotions run high as Gov. Ducey, Homeland Security Sec. John Kelly tour Arizona border

Deported mother temporarily reunited with kids in Mexico

Arizona law enforcement cautious of Trump order to enforce immigration laws

ASU students, faculty join nationwide rally against Trump’s travel ban

Mesa mother at center of immigration protests deported

Phoenix schools encourage students to prepare for STEM careers

Valley churches opening their doors, hearts to undocumented immigrants

Kelly vows to get local input as feds seek way to close southern border

While courts weigh travel ban, international students watch and wait

Arizona’s effort to boost trade with Mexico faces hurdle under Trump administration

‘Music is key to healing the soul’ for Tucson refugees

Border sheriff, businessman take different sides on border wall debate

‘King of African Music’ living in harmony in NW Phoenix

New citizens share mixed emotions about immigration debate

Court won’t reconsider ruling on driver’s licenses for DACA recipients

Children say goodbye to mural they painted on border fence

Do Trump’s immigration policies affect you?

New era of leadership aims to move town of Guadalupe forward

Appeals court upholds conviction for border drug smugglers’ lookout

Homeland Security secretary vows to enforce Trump travel ban ‘humanely’

Tribal members at Tohono O’odham Nation’s annual rodeo worried about Border Wall

Arizona lawmakers split on Trump order halting refugee admissions

Local reaction for immigrants affected by president’s executive order mirrors scenes across U.S.

Trump bars refugees to U.S. for 120 days, bars Syrians indefinitely

Napolitano defends DACA, vows to help DREAMers at California colleges

Phoenix refugees worried about immigration restrictions

Penzone: have an “open heart” to new MCSO leadership

Photo gallery: The view from the U.S.-Mexico border

DACA Students Anxious as President Trump Tightens Immigration Controls

Trump plan to pay for wall with import tax hits wall of opposition

Arizona immigrants urge legislators for justice: ‘We want more just laws’

Arizonans on hand as Trump signs orders on borders, immigration

Nogales wary about executive order to start building border wall

Inauguration speech disappoints Grijalva, who watches from Tucson

Farmworker visas more than doubled in state, nation in recent years

McCain says a wall alone is not enough to secure border

Former DREAMer, Phoenix resident raises concerns at Sessions hearing

Arizona programs prioritize education for refugee children

January 5, 2017: Borderlands Special

deportation deferral

Trump may match Obama on deportations, but would radically shift focus

December 26, 2016: Borderlands Special

Arizona nonprofit offers hope, services to homeless families

ASU Mariachi Ensemble celebrates culture, music of Mexico

Arizona families enjoy spicy Mexican birria during the holidays

Immigrant women fleeing domestic violence find help, hope at Phoenix shelter

December 15, 2016: Borderlands Special

Duties and dreams: Arizona Latina struggles to balance education, family

Driven: Immigrant mom travels 200 miles weekly to study for GED

Faculty, students see new role for Latin American studies in AZ, U.S.

December 5, 2016: Borderlands Special

AZ refugees, immigrants build business, trust at community market


New Border Patrol chief: Fence would help, but it’s not the only answer

Phoenix protesters voice concerns about civil rights, economy

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Goodbye to posse is ‘last hurrah’

Waiting in line: Why legal immigration can take decades

Deportations could hit real estate markets in state, nation

Small tire shops do big business in Phoenix

Native American nations, Arizona sign new gaming compact

DREAMer Pardons

Democrats call on Obama to pardon DREAMers, quell deportation fears

Hundreds of Haitians stuck in Mexico waiting to cross the border

Minority advocates, Trump transition team hold closed-door meeting

Does election shift DREAMers to mass deportation? AZ immigrants fear future

Citizenship Rush

Arizona immigration lawyers busy fielding calls from anxious clients

Arizona activists raise funds for Dakota Access Pipeline protesters

Minority, civil rights groups will work with Trump, will fight if need be

Mexico braces for Trump presidency

Will Trump presidency harm Nogales border economy?

Latinos: Arpaio defeat, Trump victory a ‘double-edged sword’

Nogales sees huge turnout, voters cite economy and immigration issues

Arizona vigil addresses fears of Latino voter suppression in 2016 election

Will Arizona’s Latino voters sway the 2016 election?

Latinas behind growth in cosmetic sales, sold out Selena makeup line

Will Prop. 205 help Arizona vets treat their PTSD with pot?

Undocumented immigrants find sanctuary in north Phoenix church

Seeing eye to eye: Phoenix residents part of global peace experiment

Phoenix municipal ID provides to provide access to city services

Citizenship Rush

Election-year spike in citizenship requests higher than expected

Weak Mexican peso affects families on both side of the border

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lawyer calls contempt charge ‘political’

Syrian Arizona

Arizona regularly among top states for number of resettled refugees

Syrian Arizona

Arizona took more Syrian refugees than most states, U.S. seeks more

Suns’ Watson embraces Hispanic upbringing, UCLA culture in head coach role

Poll: Arpaio trails Penzone, AZ voters oppose border wall and deportations

Battling opioid addiction in Indian Country

Immigration lawyers: Share your perspective

Tribal leaders want more input in pipeline, road projects

Food vendors struggle on Phoenix streets

What is your experience with immigration and immigrants?

Latino organization to hold 2017 national convention in Phoenix

Border IOU

Report: Border Patrol overtime, pension plan could backfire long term


‘One big family’ of Mormon Latinos honored in Mesa

Mexican sushi “rolls” into the Valley

Memory fragments: Giant puppets tell of loss of Tucson Latino neighborhood

ASU Republicans cast a wide millennial net for 2016 elections

ASU Democrats race to register, lock in millennial voters for 2016 election

Visa Reprieve

Troubled visa investment program gets short-term extension, no fixes

Latino families in Arizona splurge on Quinceañeras

Immigrant Impact

Study: Influx of immigrants is overall boost to U.S. workers, economy


Voter registration drive focuses on students

‘It could be anyone’s child’: AZ police shootings of African-Americans protested

ASU researchers at Teotihuacan lab work to unravel Aztec city’s mysteries