December 30, 2016: Legal Special

Cronkite News special: Making our communities safer

Despite loss in Arizona, recreational pot backers upbeat about future

WASHINGTON - Of five states with recreational marijuana on the ballot this fall, Arizona was the only state where the initiative failed, after supporters ran into a well-funded opposition campaign backed by political heavyweights.

Trump may match Obama on deportations, but would radically shift focus

WASHINGTON - President-elect Donald Trump's most recent immigration pledge is to deport undocumented immigrants with criminal records, which he estimates at 2 million to 3 million immigrants - or roughly the same number deported by outgoing President Barack Obama.

deportation deferral

Three men and a maybe: Can ex-foes Trump and McCain, Flake get along?

WASHINGTON - Of the 20 states with two Republican senators, only one state had both of those senators publicly declare they would not vote for their party's presidential nominee this year - Arizona.

Former NFL players seek game-changer to painkillers

BOULDER, Colo. – It’s been nearly 10 years since Jake Plummer retired from football. He still experiences soreness and pain from his neck and shoulders to the soles of his feet.

Trump talk of eliminating gun-free schools a long shot, experts say

WASHINGTON - Charles Heller embraces President-elect Donald Trump's proposal to eliminate gun-free zones on school campuses, a move he sees as "really restoring a freedom, not eliminating anything."

Trump’s inauguration: What do you expect?

On Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, Donald Trump will become the 45th president of the United States of America.

December 20, 2016: Legal Special

Cronkite News special: Updating government, justice and law enforcement

Experts: Call for Electoral College revolt unlikely to be heeded in state

WASHINGTON - Death and taxes may be the only things certain in life, but the outcome of the Electoral College vote can't be far behind.

Safe Bet

Salmon leaves Washington – for a second time – with no regrets

WASHINGTON - Ask enough people about Matt Salmon and eventually the same theme comes up: The Republican congressman from Mesa sticks to his principles, even when they are unpopular.

Pardon me? Obama’s record 1,023 commutations bypass Arizona so far

WASHINGTON - Arizona and Nevada have never had much in common with Vermont - until last month. Those three are now the only states that have not been touched by President Barack Obama's record-setting pace of prison sentence commutations, with 1,023 nonviolent federal criminals having their sentences reduced so far.

December 9, 2016: Legal Special

Cronkite News special: Making our communities safer