Some Arizona Democrats balk as Pelosi re-elected minority leader

WASHINGTON - House Democrats re-elected Nancy Pelosi their leader Wednesday with support from more than two thirds of the caucus, but from just half of the Arizona Democrats in the House.

Democratic leadership election on Capitol Hill in  Washington

Phoenix protesters voice concerns about civil rights, economy

PHOENIX - More than 100 people marched down Van Buren Street on Tuesday evening chanting: “This is what community looks like! This is what democracy looks like!”

Court reinstates excessive-force suit against University of Arizona cop

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court Monday reinstated an excessive force lawsuit against a University of Arizona police officer who shot a woman four times as she walked toward another woman while carrying a kitchen knife.

Judge blocks overtime rule change that could benefit 90,000 in Arizona

WASHINGTON - A federal judge Tuesday halted an Obama administration rule on overtime pay that could have made as many as 90,000 workers in Arizona eligible for time-and-a-half pay had it been allowed to take effect next week.

Hollow Holiday

In Gila County’s political divide, Democrats and Republicans coexist

GLOBE-MIAMI — It’s here, on the drive along Arizona’s U.S. Route 66 into this historic mining community, where symbols emerge that reveal the political and social changes that roil much of America.

How has the 2016 election affected you?

The 2016 presidential election brought a lot of emotion to the political parties, debates, populace and more.

Arizona officials unlikely to push statewide corporal punishment ban

WASHINGTON - Arizona is one of 15 states that expressly allow corporal punishment in schools, but state educators said most schools already heed the spirit of U.S. Education Secretary John King's call for an end to the practice.

Corporal Punishment

Arizona voters on the future after Election 2016

Election 2016 has concluded, and the country will move forward with President-elect Donald Trump at the helm along with a Republican-controlled U.S. House and Senate. In Arizona, the minimum wage is going to increase, and Maricopa County will get a new sheriff. We asked readers and viewers what the United States and Arizona will look like in a year. Here are some of their responses:

Political mascots engage in civil conversation during Thanksgiving dinner. (Illustration by Roman Russo/Cronkite News)

Election rejection: independent voters don’t feel respected, but can’t be ignored

PHOENIX – Independent voters, who get shut out of primary elections and are ignored by Republicans and Democrats, proved in the 2016 election that squandering their voices is politically dangerous, according to some political observers.

House Republicans balk at proposal to ease ban on budget earmarks

WASHINGTON - The House Republican Caucus sidestepped a proposal Wednesday that would have lifted a five-year-old ban on congressional earmarks, the special local "pork barrel" projects that can be slipped into budget bills with little public notice.

AZ protesters connect with national opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline

PHOENIX — Smoke from lit bundles of sage swirled around protesters waving signs, “Water Is Life” and “Stand With Standing Rock” to oppose the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

McCain warns against Russian overtures, a day after Trump, Putin talk

WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, issued a stern warning Tuesday against smoothing relations with Russia, one day after President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed that the two countries need to do just that.