Consumer confidence is up, just in time for the holidays

PHOENIX - Consumer confidence in Maricopa County and several other Arizona counties rose this year, according to a Rocky Mountain Poll.

‘Health index’ scores counties on residents’ welfare, major health issues

WASHINGTON - Diabetes, hypertension and depression are the biggest problems facing Arizona counties, according to a new nationwide health index map that also scored counties on whether they tend to be more healthy or less.

Diabético pode ter vida saudável se detectar cedo a doença

Thanks, giving: Nonprofits look to profit from ‘Giving Tuesday’

WASHINGTON - After the unbridled consumerism associated with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, nonprofits are hoping to appeal to supporters' generosity and capture some donations, since their wallets are already open.

Turkey should be heated, not talk: Surviving the post-election holiday

WASHINGTON - Thanksgiving hosts should brace for some extra guests around the holiday table this year: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Aids to ease travel go digital; people still need to stand in line

WASHINGTON - Grappling with the usual holiday travel hassles? Now there's an app for that, of course. As holiday travel season gets into full gear, the Transportation Security Administration is unveiling new tools to help move travelers along more efficiently, in addition to the standard tips of packing light, showing up early and bringing a dose of patience along with everything else.

What can you tell us about Korean-owned businesses in Arizona?

Cronkite News wants to learn more about the Korean-American business community in Arizona.

Museum exhibits you can eat: Navajo chef ‘curates’ history with cuisine

WASHINGTON - Classic French, Italian and Japanese food are all highly regarded in the culinary community, but traditional Native American dishes? "Where are the classic dishes that Native people have been making?" asks chef Freddie Bitsoie, executive chef at Mitsitam Cafe in the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. "I want to tell a story with my dishes ... and have these dishes be respected."

Native Cuisine

CBS anchor Scott Pelley: Journalism is ‘lifeblood’ of freedom

PHOENIX – CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley urged journalists Monday to fight for quality journalism as the core of democracy in an age where information is readily accessible but too often inaccurate – sometimes deliberately.

East Valley shelter Goshala saves cows from slaughter

SAN TAN VALLEY – Once most cows stop producing milk, their owners often ship them off to the slaughterhouse.

Pup with a Purpose: Service dog trained to help child with diabetes

Arizona State University senior Taylor Randle loves dogs. For the last 18 months, she has been raising Kristoff, a service dog in training. She has been by his side almost everyday as he learned the skills he will need to help his future partner.

What are your goals for the new year?

2016 has been a busy year full of highs and lows.

How to safely fry a turkey

Here’s the thing. Deep frying isn’t the safest way to cook a turkey. Just ask any firefighter or emergency-room worker who has treated someone with third- or fourth-degree burns after an unfortunate accident.