Laboring to remain healthy: COVID-19 takes toll on Arizona farmworkers

Ducey orders National Guard to border to respond to surge in migrants

Biden balks at first chance to raise refugee cap from Trump-era lows

Potential jaguar habitat at U.S.-Mexico border identified by UArizona researchers

Tucson police chief, critic of Trump border policy, tapped to run CBP

March saw record-high number of unaccompanied minors stopped at border

Court backs asylum, says woman’s feminism would endanger her in Mexico

Comcaac Nation in Sonora demands water with historic gathering

Advocates call on Biden to ‘tear down this wall,’ repair border damage

House OKs bills easing path to citizenship for undocumented residents

DHS chief defends Biden border policy at time of ‘historic’ challenges

Biden insists border’s closed, unveils plan to halt migrants at source

Historic drought brings lean times for Sonora ranchers, farmers

Detector dogs trained to sniff out COVID-19 in Sonora, Mexico

GAO: Pentagon estimates of border duty costs, impact were unreliable

Auditor says DHS knew ‘zero-tolerance’ would split families at border

Supreme Court halts hearings on Trump border cases after Biden reversals

Ban on new private prison contracts will not reach ICE detainees

Murals in Phoenix’s Roosevelt Row Arts District feature Indigenous and Latino artists

Dreamers in Arizona have mixed feelings about Biden’s immigration plan

Border wall foes hail order halting project, but say it’s only first step

New administration may mean changes with U.S. relationship with Mexico

Biden’s path to citizenship for immigrants could face an uphill battle

For Sonora’s tianguistas, other informal workers, COVID-19 brings unique challenges

After years of lowered refugee admissions, Biden plans sharp reversal

Biden’s work cut out for him in plan to undo Trump immigration policy

DACA stays

Immigration advocates hail DACA reinstatement; DHS promises appeal

Census: Not sure it can exclude migrants, but wants to be left to try

Citizenship Rush

‘We hold these truths to be’ A, B or C? Citizenship test gets harder

Trump support among Latinos steady; still trails Democrats by far

Report: Migrant deaths in the desert have reached seven-year high

Supreme Court to hear Trump plan to use Pentagon funds for border wall

State, tribal leaders condemn use of force against border protesters

COVID-19, faltering economy cited as border numbers plummet for 2020

Detention center in Eloy has most COVID-19 cases of any ICE facility

Sen. McSally, Mark Kelly clash over issues ranging from COVID-19 to border security in Senate debate

Suns’ Ty Jerome helps raise awareness for Hoops 4 Humanity initiatives through fantasy football

Citizenship Rush

Judge halts fee hike that would have nearly doubled cost of citizenship

Hooligans With Heart: Phoenix Rising’s Red Fury reaches out to refugees

Feds cite safety for Quitobaquito closing; critics see other motives

Court says House can sue White House over funds diverted to border wall

USCIS scrambles to resume naturalizations after COVID-19, budget cuts

‘Baby-Friendly’ hospitals tackle health disparities by encouraging Native mothers to breastfeed

Sinema pushes Wolf on damage from border wall; Wolf cites security

Personal essay: Capturing and documenting trauma in Panama

Black and brown people at a crossroads as COVID-19 vaccine trials seek participants

As polls show him trailing in Arizona, Trump stops in Phoenix to woo Latino voters

Migrants hope to work legally in Panama, but some jobs are off-limits

Court halts Trump plan to exclude undocumented migrants from census

Fleeing chaos, Venezuelans flock to Panama but struggle to find work

ICE ramps up arrests, including 67 in Arizona, after lull from COVID-19

Panama confronts human traffickers where a major migration route bottlenecks

To reach freedom, migrants risk Panama’s Darién Gap, the most dangerous jungle in the world

USCIS delays furloughs with ‘drastic cuts’ that sharply reduce service

‘Angel Mom’ stirs up devil of a furor over anti-Semitic tweet

Trump visits border for second time since June; Democrats blast visit

Asians make long transcontinental journey to reach U.S., new opportunities

Experts: Border wall construction may imperil sacred source of water in desert

Migrants face life-threatening illnesses because of dirty water in Panamanian camps

Cubans looking for freedom increasingly land in Panama

Experts: Latino youth ‘invisible’ in juvenile justice data

Nicaraguans seek refuge in Panama, cementing the country’s status as migrant destination

On their way north, pregnant migrants brave a harrowing jungle crossing in Panama

DHS halts DACA applications, shortens renewals as program is ‘reconsidered’

Critics: Trump order to exclude undocumented migrants in census will fail

Legal challenges to border wall continue – and so does construction

USCIS balks on taking new DACA applications, despite court order

Haitians make long continental transit in hope for a better future

House panel told deaths of children in CBP custody could have been prevented

As pandemic rages, farmworkers say employers are ‘prioritizing production over … lives’

Abrupt reversal of ICE rule lets international students in Arizona breathe easier

One Cuban migrant family’s long, perilous journey to freedom

Migrant detention center operators defend response to COVID-19 in facilities

American expats find opportunity in Panama, despite the pandemic

Torn between humanitarian ideals and U.S. pressure, Panama screens migrants from around the world

Court affirms ruling that Pentagon funding of border wall is ‘unlawful’

For now, no border wall will split Cocopah reservation along the Colorado River

Trump tours, touts border wall; critics blast his ‘little pep rally’ in midst of pandemic

Immigration advocates criticize Trump’s new visa restrictions

Trump in Yuma to mark 216 miles of border wall, still a work in progress

DACA stays

‘I can breathe again’: DACA recipients, experts react to Supreme Court ruling

DACA recipients arrested in protests face risk of deportation

Supreme Court reverses Trump administration, saves DACA – for now

Administration unveils sweeping plan to tighten rules on asylum-seekers

GAO: Border officials spent migrant care funds on canines, ATVs, more

COVID-19 in Arizona: Navajo Nation sees a spike in cases

Mexico changes renewable energy rules, citing COVID-19 pandemic

Survey: Latino families, businesses say they were left out by CARES Act

Groups step up efforts to help refugees grappling with COVID-19 fallout

CPR goes AWOL: Life-saving act less likely in Hispanic neighborhoods

‘It strengthened us’: Texas group boosts mental health of Latinas by bringing moms and daughters together

Report: Thousands of DACA recipients work on COVID-19 front lines

Critics say Trump order on immigration does little but stir up anxiety

President Trump sits in Oval Office, reading a printed memo.

More questions than answers to Trump threat of immigration suspension

Border officials use COVID-19 fear to turn away 6,306 at southern border

Report: Migrant workers faced dangerous conditions even before COVID-19

COVID-19 in Arizona: Immigration employees test positive, small-business evictions halted

Judges call for all immigration courts to close in wake of coronavirus

COVID-19 in Arizona: Detainees call for immigration courts to halt in-person hearings

COVID-19 in Arizona: Unemployment checks with an extra $600 could come next week

The push to get vital COVID-19 information to Arizonans who don’t speak English

A decade since SB 1070: We want to hear how it affected you

Maricopa County ranks No. 2 for potential census undercount, report says

U.S., Mexico to limit ‘nonessential’ border crossings to stem COVID-19

White House: Plan to turn away migrants aims to protect public health

Federal government keeps immigration courts open despite coronavirus risks

Court ruling on Cuccinelli reverses – for now – limits on asylum claims

Trump touts economic accomplishments to receptive Latino business group

Mexican government’s ‘Health Windows’ aid U.S. immigrants with preventative care

Supreme Court facade

Supreme Court vacates ruling in Nogales cross-border shooting

Two Arizona witnesses, two very different views at border wall hearing

Blasting sacred sites for border wall ‘forever damaged’ tribes

UNESCO urged to protect World Heritage Site threatened by border wall construction

Court says Mexicans cannot sue Border Patrol agents in fatal shootings

Transgender group applauds transfer of detainees from criticized ICE facility in New Mexico

Vaccinations give migrants hope and health as they wait to enter the U.S.

Judge caps time CBP can hold migrants in ‘degrading’ Tucson centers

Pro-refugee resolution passes Arizona Senate after push from local activists

DHS waives more regulations to speed construction of border wall

‘There’s nothing to be afraid of’: Arizonans gear up for the 2020 census

Lawmakers blast plan to shift $3.8 billion from Pentagon to border wall

Blasting for border wall is typical of feds’ neglect of tribes, leaders say

Visa Reprieve

Critics call proposed ban on ‘birth tourism’ misdirected, unenforceable

Supreme Court says ‘public charge’ rule can take effect – for now

Mesa’s Giles leads panel of mayors grappling with immigration policy

Court affirms two convictions in 2010 murder of Border Patrol agent

Native American veterans still struggling to get the health care they were promised

Court says Arizona assault merits deportation for Iraqi refugee

Census studied citizenship question even after losing in Supreme Court

Feds waived environment, other regs on 90 miles of state border in 2019

‘I carried my addiction into civilian life’

‘I always thought Uncle Sam took care of me’

A hope that all mothers and children are reunited

Mark of the conquistadors: Mexico grapples with the polarizing legacy of Spain

Loosely knit organizations along U.S.-Mexico border support deported vets

Both sides left wanting by 2020 budget’s $1.375 billion for border wall

Mark of the conquistadors: Music gives voice to colonized peoples

Mark of the conquistadors: Legacy of Spanish debated in Southwest

House overwhelmingly approves new trade agreement with Canada, Mexico

Latinos left behind as big tech continues to grow

2020 census: Middle Easterners and North Africans don’t fit the box

Return to ‘the Rock’: Original Alcatraz occupier retraces steps during 50th anniversary

Report: 636 violent attacks on migrants under ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

Entrepreneur program empowers Native women to forge a brighter future

ALL In launches initiative to help Latinx students bridge education gap

Citizenship Rush

Advocates urge immigrants to act fast, as higher citizenship fees loom

Where should Phoenix build the Latino Cultural Center?

DHS to send migrants from Tucson to El Paso, to be sent back to Mexico

Arizona poll: Republicans, Democrats far apart on immigration, gun control, climate

House panel advances bill to expand farmworker visas, green card access

A pitch for brotherhood: Somali refugee starts soccer team for fellow Africans

Lawmakers spar over Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ rule for asylum seekers

Border wall opens – temporarily – for the annual Misa Fronteriza along the Rio Grande

Protesters demand end to Phoenix police crime-suppression sweeps on light rail

Grijalva, House Democrats demand probe of troops deployed to border

Family apprehensions at border fell below adults apprehended in October

#ElPasoStrong: Walmart near border reopens three months after mass shooting

La Mora lays victims to rest, but Mormon community’s future in Mexico isn’t clear

Court weighs whether Border Patrol can be sued in Mexican teens’ deaths

Advocates chant ‘home is here’ as Supreme Court hears DACA challenge

Justices concede likely impact of DACA ruling, still question program

DACA activists vow to keep up the fight as Supreme Court weighs program’s fate

Falling foot traffic across border worries businesses, state officials

Arizonans have hand in, eyes on this week’s Supreme Court DACA hearing

Pension Trap

Border-state voters poll shows dim view of border policy, Border Patrol

Tucson voters handily reject sanctuary city proposition

ready to march

Lawyers leery of ICE’s move to schedule court dates for DACA recipients

Por Tu Salud wellness program benefits businesses and their Hispanic employees

Arizona farmers like – but don’t love – ‘agricultural immigration’ bill

Democrats roast CIS head over plan to end ‘medical deferred action’

Vet still proud to have served his country – even after it deported him

For Syrians in Arizona, distant war affects life in their new homes

Two worlds, two cultures united

Asylum granted: LGBTQ Guatemalan couple begin a new life in Phoenix

Justice Department pressing ahead with plan to collect immigrants’ DNA

Lawmakers optimistic for bill on National Museum of the American Latino

Breaking the silence: Native Americans overcome taboos in battle against suicide

Advocates worry as ‘domestic violence green cards’ get greater scrutiny

‘Repugnant to the American dream’: Federal judges block controversial immigration policy

Trump’s emergency wall funding declaration was ‘unlawful,’ court says

Despite ICE detainer ruling, business as usual for Arizona sheriffs

CBP: Close to 1 million apprehended at southern border in fiscal 2019

Supreme Court will not hear Maricopa County appeal of Arpaio ruling

Improving the health of ‘invisible’ farmworkers is a community effort in Willcox

ICE officials say immigration crackdowns don’t make them the ‘bad guys’

Congress again voids Trump’s border emergency declaration; veto likely

Syrian Arizona

Trump administration reduces numbers, tightens criteria for refugees

Potential deportation of medically vulnerable migrants halted, but questions remain

Both sides now: Arizonans rally to stake out opposing border positions

Migrant families sue over ‘extraordinary harms’ of family separation

Audit shows deep, worsening trauma for migrant children in custody

Ducey brings pitch for new North American trade deal to Washington

Opponents promise Supreme Court decision won’t be last word on asylum

Syrian Arizona

Advocates alarmed by reports administration may lower refugee cap again

Border apprehensions fell sharply, but still at highest level in years

Deferred action on DACA: Program lives on; advocates worry for how long

Yuma border projects get Pentagon funding, as Fort Huachuca takes a hit

Arizona joins other states calling on Supreme Court to overturn DACA

DHS plan to close Flores ‘loophole’ likely to get tied in knots

‘Large and in charge’ drag queen inspires youth, other queens of color

Excavations reveal little wealth disparity in ancient Teotihuacán civilization

Guns from U.S. partly fueling crime rise in Mexico; business group says

Senate GOP steamrolls Democrats, gets immigration bill out of committee

Senate hears problems, differs on answers to border detention crisis

Cruise ships to launch in December, even though port at Rocky Point isn’t ready

Advocates vow Supreme Court ruling not last word on border wall funds

Former elementary school transformed into Phoenix shelter for migrant families

Lawmakers spar over family separations, detention center conditions

Puerto Ricans in Valley demand island governor’s resignation over offensive messages

21st-century druids: No animal sacrifices, but connected to community, history

New Trump administration rule makes asylum harder for Central Americans

Migrant shelter in Tucson may move to former juvenile detention facility

With ICE sweeps looming, immigration rhetoric heats up on Capitol Hill

Trump vows Census will ask citizenship; critics decry ‘scare tactics’

Protesters gather across Arizona to demand officials close immigrant detention centers

Emergency border funds get final OK, after some odd political turns

Supreme Court rejects – for now – citizenship question on 2020 Census

Arizona lawmakers split as House, Senate pass emergency border funds

Phoenix Rising’s Flemmings, Lambert prepare for Jamaica-Curacao clash

Corridors for cats: Conservationists work to keep jaguar populations genetically viable

Arizona National Guard chief defends role of troops at border

Cameras and coexistence: Learning to live with jaguars

Sewing class in Peru is ‘home’ for Venezuelan woman

Even as they adapt to life in Peru, Venezuelans dream of returning home

Trump’s pledge to quickly deport ‘millions’ earns praise, provokes alarm

A child of two nations: Hope for ‘democracia’ in Peru spurs new parents

On the border of a new future: Young Venezuelans in Peru

As Peru welcomes Venezuelan refugees, its immigration system is overwhelmed

7-year-old girl dies crossing border; authorities blame smugglers

Report: Undocumented immigration into U.S., especially from Mexico, is down

Hung jury in trial of No More Deaths volunteer charged with harboring migrants

Cross-border shooting in Nogales likely to turn on ruling in Texas case

Southern border apprehensions surge to highest rate in 10 years

Democrats push Dream Act through House, outlook in Senate less certain

Trump plan for tariffs on Mexican goods finds little support in Arizona

No More Deaths isn’t on trial, prosecutor says in opening, Scott Warren is

Despite rhetoric, border counties’ violent crime about average for U.S.

ASU men’s golf enters NCAA Championships with international flair

Punk with a purpose: Hardcore band’s shows help flood of migrant families in Tucson

Lack of funds makes it more difficult for refugee women in Arizona to set up new lives

Dust, particle pollution disproportionately affect Latino and poor communities

A different border crisis

Influx of Venezuelans sorely tests Peru’s economy and labor market

Venezuelan artists strive to survive, make a difference in Peru

Red tape, chaos in Venezuela prevent ‘brain drain’ from aiding Peru

Peru holds out some hope for Venezuelan migrants with HIV

Schools in Peru are under added pressure from wave of Venezuelan migrants

Venezuelans in Peru worry that media’s focus on crime spurs lies, hatred

Bus of dreams: Ganado driver hopes to inspire students with snapshots, words of greatness

Bringing closure: Volunteer group searches for migrant remains near the southern border

Venezuelan professionals find it costly, difficult to pursue careers in Peru

‘The cellphone does everything’: Smartphones, internet access are key tools of 21st century migration

Rising cost of migrant health care is straining charities and Border Patrol

With Venezuela in turmoil, migrants and refugees turn to Peru

A virtual wall may be the solution to protect wildlife at the border

Mexico becomes top U.S. trade partner for first time

Crossing a line: Military encounter at border sparks Trump threats

Critics blast DHS environmental waivers that clear way for border wall

As Hermosillo grows at the edges, some see a future in the center

Migrant medical costs, Arcosanti experiment and day care inspections

Electric scooter companies fight to keep rolling in Mexico and U.S.

Tucson’s Benedictine Monastery more than just a shelter for migrant families

Community leaders at breaking point as thousands of migrant families released in El Paso

Influx of migrants, overstretched charity prompt Yuma mayor to declare a state of emergency

Nogales seeks a fair deal from binational commission on costs of treating wastewater

At the border, Pence calls on Democrats to fix ‘our broken asylum system’

Pentagon awards $1 billion in border-fence projects in Yuma and N.M.

Vice President Mike Pence to visit Nogales, inspect border wall draped in razor wire

CBP: Southern border apprehensions topped 360,000 in first half of year

Sewage flowing into Nogales Wash raises concerns about water supply for both Mexico and U.S.

Shift of CBP officers has led to border slowdown that’s hurting trade

Arizonans join critics of Trump’s call to weaken unaccompanied minors law

Ducey supports short shutdown to secure border if Congress won’t act

CBP cuts Sunday hours at Mariposa port to free officers for border duty

Lawmakers, business leaders wary of Trump threat to close Mexico border

Arizona filmmakers spark discrimination discussion at ACLU event

Surge of migrant families taps out CBP, strains community resources in El Paso

McSally, Biggs question DHS on release of migrants into Arizona communities

Border fencing in Yuma County debated as migrant families continue to arrive

Tucson Cine Mexico, in its 16th year, celebrates thriving Mexican film industry

Migrants dropped off by ICE outside Phoenix bus stations are left with few resources

Pentagon moves ahead on border wall, as House can’t override Trump veto

New Chicanos Por La Causa center to empower Maryvale community through education, jobs

Supreme Court denies Maricopa appeal to wash its hands of Arpaio policy

Event in Tucson reveals what it’s like to Walk a Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes

Supreme Court facade

Supreme Court upholds law denying bail to some undocumented immigrants

Pentagon could divert $30 million Fort Huachuca project to border wall

Ducey and Mexico’s ambassador stress bilateral ties and NAFTA replacement

Influx of migrants dropped off by ICE has churches, faith groups near breaking point

Arizona vigil for New Zealand victims wields love to overcome hate, terrorism

Arizona sheriff, advocates on hand for Trump veto over border emergency

House panel votes to restrict power of DHS to bypass regulations for wall

Democrats unveil bill to give DACA, TPS recipients path to citizenship

City officials weigh local impact of plan to trim immigrants’ benefits

Phoenix fashion show shines spotlight on refugees and their contributions

Border communities refine tactics to deal with onslaught of fentanyl overdoses

Arizona lawmakers split on party lines in vote to block Trump emergency

Venezuelans in Arizona want aid for their home country; other groups say ‘hands off’

At Nogales ports of entry, CBP uses technology, and instincts, to detect drugs

Tucson council votes to support Nogales in fight against razor wire

Federal charges against four No More Deaths volunteers are dropped

Produce rescue: Nogales group feeds vulnerable communities as it fights food waste

16 states file lawsuit against Trump’s national emergency; Arizona isn’t one of them

Lawsuits, rallies protest Trump declaration of national border emergency

Constitutional experts express concerns after Trump declares state of emergency

Arizona reaction to Trump’s border emergency splits along party lines

Employees hustle ‘nonstop’ to meet blossoming demand for Valentine’s Day roses

As border budget talks wind down, rhetoric from warring sides heats up

Nogales demands removal of razor wire CBP added to downtown border fence

Pentagon more than doubles active-duty troops deployed to border

Anxiety and uncertainty for Arizona transgender veterans after Supreme Court ruling

Tucson faces potential legal battle with state over sanctuary city petition

Estrada says border wall alone is not the best way to stem drug trafficking

Pentagon defends use of active-duty troops to support border security

Asylum seekers coming through the southern border ordered to wait in Mexico

Venezuelans in the Valley rally in support of Venezuela’s new opposition leader

What’s next for No More Deaths after latest convictions of volunteers?

4 No More Deaths volunteers found guilty of entering refuge, abandoning property

ASU’s visit to Navajo Nation was about more than just basketball

Milstead, after White House event, says wall is needed for border ‘crisis’

Bill targeting ‘unfair’ trade in Mexican produce would raise prices, critics say

Pride in the ‘two-spirited’: Navajo LGBTQ youth find unlikely champions in their elders

Wonders of ancient city of Teotihuacan inspire Phoenix artist

Future for Mexican solar seems bright, even under new administration

Additional carcinogens prompt changes at groundwater plant at Tucson Superfund site

Mexican immigrants in U.S. continue drop, driven by politics, economics

Bridging baseball’s language gap: Journey of D-Backs’ Takahashi shows value of being multilingual