Arizona Latino immigrants seek citizenship to vote, fight discrimination

PHOENIX - Mexican immigrant Blanca Lorena Puente loves the United States, so much so that she is applying for citizenship in order to participate in the election process.

Flake still won’t vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

PHOENIX — Republican Sen. Jeff Flake has said he is sticking to his principles and won't vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.

Sen. Jeff Flake at Arizona State

McCain, Ward spending on Senate primary rivaled by outside groups

WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain has spent $6.2 million on his re-election bid and his lead challenger, Kelli Ward, has spent about $1.3 million as they prepare to square off in Tuesday's Republican primary.

GAO: Air Force plan to retire A-10 did not fully weigh impact, costs

WASHINGTON - The Pentagon's attempt to retire the A-10 fighter jet was based on insufficient information that did not fully consider vulnerabilities that could come from the loss of the "Warthog," the Government Accountability Office said.

15 Arizonans become U.S. citizens while overlooking Grand Canyon

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK – Liliana Spurlock knew she wanted to be a U.S. citizen since the first moment she stepped on American soil 13 years ago.

Open House seats draw hopefuls – and millions in funds – before primary

WASHINGTON - Republican congressional hopefuls in Arizona's 1st District have raised more than $3.3 million ahead of Tuesday's primary, already surpassing the $2.4 million that GOP candidates in the district raised for all of 2014.

News21 investigation: Voter fraud is not a persistent problem

PHOENIX — Politicians and voting rights advocates continue to clash over whether photo ID and other voting requirements are needed to prevent voter fraud, but a News21 analysis and recent court rulings show little evidence that such fraud is widespread.

PAC spends more than $280,000 in late bid to unseat Gosar in primary

WASHINGTON - An independent political action committee has spent more than $280,000 since Aug. 1 in Arizona's 4th Congressional District in an effort to unseat three-term Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Prescott, in next week's primary election.

Why overseas military personnel ballots may not be counted

When Americans vote for president in November, many of the 1.4 million active-duty U.S. military personnel stationed or deployed overseas will not know whether their absentee ballots have reached their home states to be counted. And the federal Election Assistance Commission, charged with monitoring their votes, may not know either.

What you need to know about millennials and politics

PHOENIX – Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to voting. They’re labeled narcissistic, self-absorbed and apathetic. (Just look at their nicknames: the selfie generation, generation me, the unemployables.)

Native Americans still fighting for voting equality

SAN JUAN COUNTY, Utah – Terry Whitehat remembers gathering at the community hall in Navajo Mountain each election day, where Navajo Nation members in this remote Utah community would cast their ballots.

Will the Latino ‘sleeping giant’ wake and vote this November?

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Andrea Montes turns 18 just weeks before the November election, and the Wisconsin resident plans to vote for the first time.