Not red, not blue, but Green: Sanders supporters eye third-party option

WASHINGTON - When Bernie Sanders announced his endorsement of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton earlier this month, Phoenix Sanders supporter Susan Martin turned to what she believed was the only other option: the Green Party.

Behind the scenes at the DNC: Arizona Democratic delegates share their insights

What’s happening at the Democratic National Convention that Arizonans wouldn’t know by watching from home?

Revived Arizona KidsCare to bring affordable health care to 30,000 uninsured

PHOENIX — KidsCare returned to Arizona on Tuesday after a more than five-year absence and advocates expect to sign up more than 30,000 children for access to free or affordable medical, dental and vision care by the end of the year.

Arizona Democratic delegates: How the ‘Bernie effect’ influenced party platform

We asked Arizona Democrats in Philadelphia, "Are you noticing a 'Bernie effect' on the Democratic Party platform?"

Arizona delegates hope for unity, progressive change after DNC email leak

PHILADELPHIA - Sanders delegate Mikel Weisser was not surprised that leaked emails showed the Democratic National Committee apparently scheming to support Sanders’ rival, Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primary that culminates with Clinton’s nomination here this week.

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention following a day dominated by talk of DNC email leaks. (Photo by Kelsey DeGideo/Cronkite News)

Grijalva calls for party to return to progressive roots, support Clinton

PHILADELPHIA – Rep. Raul Grijalva, one of the earliest congressional supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to say he is throwing support behind likely nominee Hillary Clinton.

Arizonans reveal why they became Democratic delegates

We have connected with Arizona delegates through text messaging as a part of the Cronkite News Democratic National Convention coverage. We asked Arizona Democrats in Philadelphia why they decided to become delegates. This is what they had to say.

Tribal leaders call on next president to include Native voices in policy

PHILADELPHIA – Edward Manuel ticks off the issues - water shortages, federal approval of mining projects, allocation of scarce resources - all decisions made with what he thinks is insufficient input from the nation’s tribes.

Arizona GOP not surprised by DNC email leak

PHOENIX— Several Arizona Republican delegates said the Democratic National Committee email leak is an opportunity to sway millennials and independent voters toward the Republican ticket in November.

Sanders plea for followers to back Clinton divides supporters

PHILADELPHIA – Cheers from a packed room of Bernie Sanders’ followers turned to boos Monday, as the Vermont senator renewed his endorsement of his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, and urged them to do the same.

Arizona: Share your perspective on Tim Kaine as Clinton’s VP pick

After weeks of speculation, Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, announced her selection of Sen. Tim Kaine, a Democrat from Virginia, as her running mate. Cronkite News wants to know what Arizonans think about Clinton's pick.

Tim Kaine

Arizona delegate’s new heart leads her to Philadelphia

PHOENIX- At the age of 37, Jeanne Lunn was getting ready to leave town on a work trip when she started feeling chest pain.