Arizona convention pages can’t vote, but they can make their voices heard

PHILADELPHIA - Belen Sisa and Ellie Perez are both politically active, both beneficiaries of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals – and both were pages for the Arizona delegation to the Democratic National Convention, the first DREAMers in the state to hold the job.

Delegates discuss ‘Black Lives’ movement a day after Tempe shooting

PHILADELPHIA - The normally placid breakfast meetings of Arizona’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention turned into a lively discussion of the Black Lives Matter movement Thursday, one day after Tempe police shot a black suspect during a robbery.

Arizona: How are you feeling about the election?

Now that both the Republican and Democratic national conventions have come to a close, both parties have officially selected their presidential candidates for the 2016 race: Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Trump fundraising spikes in Arizona, still trails well behind Clinton’s

WASHINGTON – Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump raised three times as much money from Arizona contributors in June as his total fundraising in the state in the preceding year, according to the latest reports from the Federal Election Commission.

Blue state or blue sky? Arizona Democrats hopeful for fall elections

PHILADELPHIA - Fresh off the history-making nomination of Hillary Clinton, the first female presidential nominee for a major U.S. party, Arizona Democrats said they think the historically Republican state could turn blue – or at least purple – this fall.

Arizona conservatives: Are you with Trump?

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, Donald Trump was officially declared the Republican nominee for president.

Sanders supporters continue protests as Democrats nominate Clinton

PHILADELPHIA - Arizona native Jason Hurst came to Philadelphia with a message for Democrats on the night they were expected to formally nominate Hillary Clinton for president: “I can’t stomach the thought of even voting for Clinton.”

Divided Arizona delegation casts votes as Clinton seals nomination

PHILADELPHIA - A divided Arizona delegation cast 51 of its 85 convention votes for Hillary Clinton as she wrapped up the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday after a surprisingly tough, and sometimes bitter, battle with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.