Thousands honor Muhammad Ali in Louisville prayer service

LOUISVILLE – More than 14,000 paid homage to Muhammad Ali, the Louisville native son and decade-long Phoenix resident who was revered as a champion inside and outside the boxing ring.

Arizona Muslims pay tribute to Muhammad Ali

TEMPE – Three verses from the Quran are melodically recited in traditional Arabic as more than 100 people pay tribute to Muhammad Ali in a Tempe mosque.

Phoenix Comicon, the place where you don’t have to be yourself

PHOENIX – At Phoenix Comicon, people can mask who they are by wearing an actual mask, makeup or costume. Maybe someone pays tribute to a fictional hero or villain. Or someone is inspired to meld science fiction and imagination to create a new, artistic character.

TSA redeploys 27 officers from Sky Harbor to other airports

WASHINGTON - The Transportation Security Administration has pulled 27 officers from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and reassigned them to airports around the country to help handle peak travel as their summer travel seasons are heating up.