Permit needed: Your guide to enjoying Fossil Creek without trashing it

CAMP VERDE – The crowds and clutter that marred the pristine oasis of Fossil Creek in northern Arizona has apparently decreased under a month-old permit system to protect the area for wildlife, campers and hikers.

Litter at Fossil Creek

Scientists scramble to find remnants of meteor

PHOENIX — Valley residents were treated to a light show early Thursday morning as a celestial object flashed across the sky. A meteor glowed brightly as it vaporized in the atmosphere.

meteor over phoenixe

I saw it on Facebook: Posts alert neighbors to crime, community help

MARICOPA — When Trisha Johnson spotted a Mitsubishi lurching along the dusty road in front of her house, her fingers flew over the keyboard of her smartphone. Within seconds, she posted an alert on Facebook to neighbors in her rural community.