Debate over Prop 123 rages on as election on education funding approaches

PHOENIX – A special election in which Arizona voters will decide whether to approve $3.5 billion to fund education over the next 10 years has drawn scrutiny over the plan to take money out of the state land trust.

How Maricopa County will prepare for upcoming elections

School teacher Luz Magallanes regularly votes in-person so she can share her experience with her students.

Arizona’s online voting system makes it easy for military personnel to cast their vote

It was just a few short days before Halloween in October 2012. Petty Officer Second Class Scott Bourque was stationed in Japan and had just received his mail-in absentee ballot for the presidential election. He knew it would be nearly impossible to fill out his ballot and mail it back in time for it to be counted by Arizona Election Officials on Nov. 6.

Ballot harvesting law could impact Latinos and seniors in general election

Arizona’s new law that criminalizes the collection of voters’ early ballots by volunteers could impact the ability of the elderly and Latinos to cast their votes, according to local voter outreach groups.

Jose Barboza, a volunteer for Promise Arizona, works to get people registered to vote.

Arizona felons have steep path to restore voting rights

PHOENIX - Michele Keller has been out of prison for nearly a decade.

Trump rally in Fountain Hills sparks First Amendment discussion

FOUNTAIN HILLS – When protesters blocked the roads leading into a Donald Trump in Arizona in March, the results were predictable. The instigators were arrested, cars were towed and traffic flowed normally.

Arizona HOV lane violations rising

TEMPE – The number of high occupancy vehicle lane citations Arizona Department of Public Safety officers issued last year increased by about 50 percent compared to four years prior.

HOV lane fine

Study shows disparities in how Arizona judges granted asylum

WASHINGTON - Arizona's 11 immigration judges varied widely in their handling of asylum cases between 2009 and 2014, with denial rates ranging from 21.3 percent for one judge to 96 percent for another, according to Justice Department data.

Maricopa County’s chain gang helps put the indigent to their final rest

PHOENIX – A small white plastic box is lowered into one of the seven graves made the day before. Fifteen prisoners look down into the hole much too large for the tiny infant box it contains.

chain gang maricopa county

Free art classes for veterans ease pain

PHOENIX – The Arizona Art Alliance offers free art classes to provide a creative escape and supportive environment for war veterans.