Bill could change current minor abortion laws

Current Arizona law requires minors seeking an abortion must have parental or a judge authorization but a new introduced legislative bill could change those requirements.

Trigger lock created by Lake Havasu inventor

LAKE HAVASU — In a speech on Jan. 5, President Barack Obama called on people and gun manufacturers to develop technology that would make guns safer.

Gun clip

Arizonans go head to head on motorcycle safety laws

Motorcyclists who roll down Arizona highways agree that riding in the open air is one of life’s exhilarations. The disagreements become sharp when the subject of whether to wear a helmet - or whether the state should mandate helmet use - is on the table.

School choice rally in Arizona pushes for individual’s rights

Underfunded schools across the Valley have driven residents to call for the right of school choice in Arizona.

How the aerospace industry impacts Arizona’s economy

MESA – The world’s premier attack helicopter is made only in Mesa, and it’s one of the many reasons Arizona ranks fourth in the nation in employment for aerospace and defense manufacturing.