Primary presidential debates see record-breaking viewership

Since day one, the 2016 campaign season’s presidential primary debates have seen some of the highest viewership in history. And viewers and experts say, they're proving to be more entertainment than informative.

Foster care advocates: Foster care for adolescents needs improvement

Fostering Advocates for Arizona (FAAZ) released a document on Monday, asking the state legislature to improve the foster care system and how it handles teenagers and those who are close to aging out of the system.

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Missing voices: Arizona, 41 states underrepresent blacks in statehouses

WASHINGTON - Arizona is one of 14 states where African-Americans make up 1 percent of the legislature or less - but it's in the middle of the pack for disparity between blacks and their state lawmakers.

Navajo, Hopi relocation effort could end soon, decades after it started

WASHINGTON - After decades of work and hundreds of millions of dollars, the end could be in sight for the federal office charged with relocating Navajo and Hopi families in a land dispute between the two tribes.

Salmon’s surprise retirement throws open the race for his House seat

WASHINGTON - Rep. Matt Salmon's surprise announcement Thursday that he will not seek re-election to his seat in Congress shook up what was expected to be a sleepy campaign in a solidly Republican district this fall.

State data show heroin and prescription drug overdoses continue to escalate across Arizona

Despite efforts to slow the scourge of heroin and prescription drug abuse, the number of emergency room admissions from heroin and narcotic pill overdoses have continued to rise across Arizona.

Court: FBI can’t be sued for failing to warn family of home invasion

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court said Wednesday the FBI cannot be held liable for failing to tip Pima County police to a home invasion by a border militia group that killed an Arivaca man and his 9-year-old daughter.

McCain: U.S. must be a leader in fight against human trafficking

WASHINGTON - Cindy McCain told a Senate committee Wednesday that the U.S. should be the leader in the global fight against human trafficking.

Addiction sufferers and their loved ones seek and provide education

“Wherever somebody’s at in their stage of drug use, their life is valuable.”

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Obama call to close Guantanamo prison panned by Arizona GOP lawmakers

WASHINGTON - Arizona Republicans responded swiftly - and vehemently - to the plan announced Tuesday by President Barack Obama to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where some of the most notorious terrorism suspects are detained.

Senate bill to legalize physician-assisted suicide stalled in legislature

In August 1997, Barbara McGuire held her father’s hand as he died from a chronic lung disease.

In anti-establishment year, endorsements are a ‘complicated science’

WASHINGTON - Political experts put the value of an endorsement somewhere between "inconsequential" and "good for growing email lists and gathering volunteers." And that's the upbeat assessment.