Missing voices: Arizona, 41 states underrepresent blacks in statehouses

WASHINGTON - Arizona is one of 14 states where African-Americans make up 1 percent of the legislature or less - but it's in the middle of the pack for disparity between blacks and their state lawmakers.

Navajo, Hopi relocation effort could end soon, decades after it started

WASHINGTON - After decades of work and hundreds of millions of dollars, the end could be in sight for the federal office charged with relocating Navajo and Hopi families in a land dispute between the two tribes.

Arizona Horizon: Feb. 24, 2016

This episode of Arizona Horizon focuses on power plant emissions and Apple refusing to comply with the FBI and unlock an iPhone from the San Bernardino terrorist attacks. (Video by Arizona Horizon)

McCain: U.S. must be a leader in fight against human trafficking

WASHINGTON - Cindy McCain told a Senate committee Wednesday that the U.S. should be the leader in the global fight against human trafficking.

White House, Congress feud over future of popular park-funding program

WASHINGTON - Both sides agree with the intent of the Land and Water Conservation Fund - to help acquire and improve federal and local park projects - but they disagree on how it should be implemented.

Obama call to close Guantanamo prison panned by Arizona GOP lawmakers

WASHINGTON - Arizona Republicans responded swiftly - and vehemently - to the plan announced Tuesday by President Barack Obama to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where some of the most notorious terrorism suspects are detained.

Paying respects to Scalia, who ‘shaped the history of our country’

WASHINGTON - Several Arizonans were among the thousands who waited hours in line outside the Supreme Court on a chilly Washington winter afternoon Friday to pay their respects to the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Horizonte: Feb. 17, 2016

This edition of Horizonte focuses on the passing of Antonin Scalia and what's next for the Supreme Court.

Arizona Horizonte photo

In one Virginia city, a different kind of presidential debate

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - Forget what all the sale ads say: When Congress voted 48 years ago to set a federal holiday on the third Monday of February, it rejected the name Presidents Day and stuck with Washington's Birthday.