As the Colorado River Basin dries, can an accidental oasis survive?

Final 100 miles of the Colorado highlight how badly the river is overtaxed

Dust, particle pollution disproportionately affect Latino and poor communities

Rare frog fossil sheds light on a gap in Arizona geologic record

Arizona farmers can legally grow industrial hemp, but will they take the risk?

Outside the box: One reporter’s quest to stop junk mail

Arcosanti: Grand experiment in sustainable living approaches its 50th year

String of Grand Canyon fatalities isn’t unusual, officials say, no changes planned

Bottled up: Brewers’ pitcher on a mission to cut single-use plastic

Coming clean: A snapshot of Arizona’s energy makeup

Crossroads: Ridesharing, delivery services, population boom challenge transit planners

Poll shows parents want climate change taught – what that looks like in one Arizona classroom

PodShare makes living near the beach affordable, if you don’t mind 37 roommates

Migrant medical costs, Arcosanti experiment and day care inspections

Report: Phoenix, Tucson among fastest-warming cities in nation since 1970

Arizona supports ‘Waters of U.S.’ rule change, but wants to delay enactment

Gila River

Advocacy group: Gila River is America’s most endangered

Local group, with help of 3 veterans, removes graffiti from Florence boulders

Weather conditions set Maricopa County up for better air than last year

Experts say Arizona tribes’ role in drought negotiations marks turning point for inclusion

Nogales seeks a fair deal from binational commission on costs of treating wastewater

Change to Clean Water Act would have repercussions, even in the arid West

In the land of coal, Navajo Nation looks to renewable energy

House, Senate OK Colorado River drought plan, capping years of debate

Mexican gray wolf numbers rise, but long-term viability still a concern

Sewage flowing into Nogales Wash raises concerns about water supply for both Mexico and U.S.

Virulent Newcastle disease found in Arizona chicken flock for first time

Climate experts want science embedded in local decisions

Logging by copter: Millions spent to thin forest on steep slopes of Mount Elden

Tribal leaders urge House to extend funding for water settlements

El Niño predicted to linger through summer, but what does that mean for Arizona?

The Art Resource Center recycles with an artistic twist

Gov. Ducey urges public to stay vigilant during wildfire season

Mexican engineer turning prickly pear juice into biodegradable plastic

Population of migrating monarchs dwindling, but experts say it’s not all doom and gloom

Report: Mexican gray wolf is a subspecies, keeps endangered status

Water officials press Senate on urgency of Colorado River drought plan

Grappling with costs, Tucson is rethinking its recycling program

Republicans blast Green New Deal, Democrats say GOP is playing politics

A bloom for the books: Rainfall, cool weather create spring wildflower spectacular

Scat party: To unlock the secrets of urban coyotes, biologists turn to poop

To finish drought plan, Colorado River water managers ask Congress for approval

Deep snow in Rockies should stave off Colorado River water crisis – for now

EPA plan to ease mercury standards raises ire of moms’ group, activists

Arizona researchers find new ways to monitor snowpack – right down to your neighborhood

Game track: Arizona, Sonora install cameras to monitor large animals along the border

Court says hunters can off-road in national forest to retrieve big game

Tribal officials worry Bears Ears cuts leave sacred spaces vulnerable

‘A treasure for humanity’: Binational group looks for inventive ways to protect Sonoran Desert

Yuma mural highlights endangered pronghorn and marsh bird unique to the Southwest

Mix of pesticide and fungicide suspected cause of bee deaths in California almond groves

Deadlines are hard to pin down in drought planning for Colorado River

Big-game hunting in Sonora boosts economy and conservation

Needed or misguided? Permanent ban on uranium mining near Grand Canyon draws mixed reaction

A timeline: Key moments in the establishment of Grand Canyon National Park

House OKs open-spaces bill that includes thousands of acres in Arizona

Sunlight for nighttime: Arizona’s largest utility plans to expand battery storage

100 years: Grand Canyon National Park celebrates the past, prepares for the future

Scientists downplay radiation threat from uranium ore stored at the Grand Canyon

Lane change: Old road recycled to build a new stretch of I-10

A CO₂ sponge: Arizona scientist working to combat rising carbon dioxide levels

Hatchery near Flagstaff undergoes $3.3 million in renovations to raise trout in the desert

Senate OKs open-space bill, reviving Land and Water Conservation Fund

$300,000 down the drain: Rubber ducky, grease and currency clog treatment plant, cost taxpayers

Officials testify on climate change’s outsized effect on Indian Country

45-mile walk shows solidarity against mine planned under land tribes consider sacred

Dolphins in the desert: Can they be properly cared for in Arizona?

West Nile virus now is a permanent part of Arizona’s ecosystem, study finds

Grand Canyon, other parks, to be reimbursed for funds spent in shutdown

‘Done’ isn’t done: What’s happening with the Colorado River drought plans?

Clean-water permits take longest in Arizona, study of Southwestern states says

Bald eagle web cam at Lake Pleasant captures real-time drama of survival

Late push for Salton Sea improvements complicates Colorado River drought plan

Number of Arizonans who see climate change as ‘serious problem’ jumps

Arizona lawmakers agree on crucial drought contingency plan

Despite gaps in science, cloud seeding embraced by some water managers

Waste Management Phoenix Open finding creative ways to remain ‘greenest show on turf’

How Arizona national parks survived the longest government shutdown in U.S. history

From ‘green blob’ to majestic sentinel: The science of saguaros

Central Arizona Project supports draft legislation for drought contingency plan

Arizona Corporation Commission adopts first rules to encourage electric vehicles

Drought hangover: ‘OK’ snowpack in Colorado won’t be enough to replenish reservoirs

Arizona mom joins activists protesting Wheeler nomination to head EPA

Arizona’s drought plan faces several obstacles, and time is just one of them

Shutdown, additional requests for water could disrupt Arizona drought plan

Beetles vs. birds: What happens when fighting nature with nature backfires?

Future for Mexican solar seems bright, even under new administration

Officials hopeful ‘fire funding fix’ helps tame brutal wildfire seasons

Nonprofit shop is a hub for Tempe cycling community – and a recycling project

Food insecurity a challenge for nearly half of college students in the U.S.

Additional carcinogens prompt changes at groundwater plant at Tucson Superfund site

With deadline looming, can Arizona Legislature agree to complex drought plan?

Save water, drink beer: Camp Verde collaboration swaps corn for barley

Filling bellies and landfills: Meal prep kits are convenient, but at a cost

Tree rings give clues as to how climate change could shift drought in the Sonoran Desert

Profits and flames: Private firefighters an option for the wealthy

New houses, built to fire code, burned down anyway in California’s 2017 Thomas Fire

Phoenix and some companies offer options for recycling holiday lights

‘Our stories need to be told’: Grand Canyon park enlisting Native input as it marks 100 years

Hiking is for everyone, but not everyone feels welcome to hike

Rolling easy: Barriers to hiking are falling for some with disabilities

Going solo: These women find hiking alone to be empowering

Mountains around Phoenix formed by eons of pushing, pulling and hitting

Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora team up on deal to ship natural gas to Asia

Grijalva could bring dramatic shift as head of resources committee

‘Nobody wants to be told what to eat’: Rising meat consumption contributing to climate change

Yellow waste water that had been held behind a barrier near an abandoned mine is seen in the Animas River in Durango, Colorado

Scientists to look for toxic metals in Lake Powell after Gold King Mine spill

BLM OKs pozzolan mine in Skull Valley, despite public fears and opposition

Time is running short for Colorado River managers to hammer out drought plan

Top federal water official gives states Jan. 31 deadline to pass Colorado River drought deal

Barley shortage tied to climate change could have you crying in your craft beer

Move over, single-use plastics: Gilbert company makes Earth-friendly replacements

Santa Monica moonscape: Biologists consider ways to restore badly burned national recreation area

Despite fits and starts, officials optimistic a water deal is close

Arizona’s two abandoned-mine inspectors face daunting task: ‘We’re all by ourselves’

In a hole: Arizona officials lack funds to find, secure at least 100,000 abandoned mines

Population boom in West putting humans closer to devastating wildfires

Native Americans hope to protect ancestral sites threatened by multibillion-dollar copper mine

A battle beneath the waves: Purple urchins thrive, starving out red urchins used in sushi

Dewey-Humboldt Town Council condemns coyote-killing contests

Why llamas may be the key to help humans fight off the flu

Farmers, USDA celebrate demise of pink bollworm, a cotton-killing pest

Will Arizona’s saguaros survive climate change and drought?

U.S. Forest Service under fire for cutting old-growth trees in eastern Arizona

Hikers discover oldest prehistoric footprints found at Grand Canyon

After Grijalva calls for him to resign, Zinke responds with blistering tweet

Arizona Gov. Ducey to ask for $30 million in budget proposal for drought plan

As deadline looms, lawmakers push to save popular public lands fund

Dry and getting drier: Water scarcity in Southwest is the new norm, study says

Supreme Court limits ability to designate endangered species habitat

Early snowfall delights skiers, but the drought is far from over

Vaquita’s last stand: Saving the porpoise may depend on creating a legal market for totoaba

Drought, heat and urbanization putting the squeeze on Arizona lemons

More endangered California condors soon will soar above Pinnacles National Park

Vaquita’s last stand: Fishermen want to help but need to feed their families, too

Vaquita’s last stand: The struggle to save the world’s rarest marine animal

Scottsdale firefighters pitch in to battle Woolsey Fire near LA

Forest Service chief grilled over charges of sexual harassment in agency

Too many deals will make drought plan unworkable, Ducey warns

California wildfire death toll rises to 44; Arizona firefighters assisting efforts

NAU policies on composting, single-use plastics are catching on in Flagstaff

Hunters help safeguard Arizona’s deer and elk from chronic wasting disease

Costly and nasty: Failure of Prop. 127 won’t stop renewable energy push, experts say

Is the changing climate making you anxious? You’re not alone.

Prop. 127: Voters reject drastic reshaping of Arizona’s energy future

Down in the mud: Arizona researchers probe seabed for clues about monsoons

Arizona lacks vehicle idling regulations, encourages voluntary action

Grand Canyon gap: Arizona national parks need $531 million to fix roads, buildings

Court gives tribe, environmentalists new chance to fight uranium mine

Likely closure of coal-fired power plant bringing dramatic change to Navajo Nation

Grand Canyon Park superintendent reassigned while under federal investigation

Prop 127’s potential to reshape Arizona energy has electrified supporters and opponents

Why do we keep building in fire-prone areas? Money is one reason

Western wildfires will increase because of climate change, UA researchers say

Trump plan to boost Western water by easing rules worries advocates

Why there’s a legal fight to protect the native roundtail chub

Hurricane tag team of Rosa and Sergio set rainfall records for October

Thinning effort to restore ponderosa forests to their natural state inches forward

The cost of drought: Less water from Lake Mead in 2020, higher rates for consumers

‘Our fish’: Dedicated biologists scour Colorado River to help endangered species survive

U.S.-Canada trade deal gives AZ dairy farmers hope, but worries about Mexico tariffs remain

‘Somebody’s going to have to use less’: Colorado River managers grapple with drought plans

Intel, hoping to become ‘water neutral,’ funds Nature Conservancy project on West Clear Creek

Oops or Shine On? Phoenix program helps residents recycle better

Kroger to phase out plastic bags at all its grocery stores over 7 years

Water thieves, beware: This Colorado ‘water cop’ is on the case

Beach cleanups help keep plastic out of Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Hydrologists fan out across metro Phoenix to gauge flooding left in Rosa’s wake

Treatment plant battles leaking sewage pipe, heavy metals that kill key microbes

Supreme Court lets stand ban on new uranium mines around Grand Canyon

Arizona could lose millions without federal grant program for outdoor recreation

‘Love it, don’t trash it’: Freeway litter across metro Phoenix costs millions to clean up

Interior secretary’s Grand Canyon visit highlights need for funds to fix infrastructure

Off the beaten path: Crowded trails lead to frustration, unsanctioned treks

Potential buyer for Navajo Generating Station out, plant closure likely

Southern Arizona wind farm investigated after death of bat, eagle

They also serve: 4,254 volunteers keep Arizona national parks humming

Arizona’s first malt house saves water and supports local breweries

Phoenix takes steps toward a more pedestrian friendly downtown

Gray wolf faces new challenge: National Academies of Sciences review

Helium producer leases land near Petrified Forest; environmentalists worry about harm to animals, water

Grijalva, Bishop craft surprise deal to save fund for public lands

Report: Border wall hurts wildlife, people now, full wall will be worse

Democrats push back against GOP plan to change Endangered Species Act

Hopi Tribe trial to adjudicate water rights begins

Navajo group takes protest against coal-fired power plant to Manhattan

Los Angeles seeks sustainable solutions for persistent problem of homelessness

Caltech scientist uses drones to herd birds away from aircraft

China ups ante in trade war, imposes tariff that could doom U.S. paper recycling

Tapped out, or plenty to tap? Developers argue there’s more water in the Colorado River Basin

Drought, wildfires take toll on Colorado river-rafting industry

It’s not just you. The mosquitoes really are worse this year.

SunZia power lines would destroy wetlands, kill birds, opponents say

Kombucha couture: Valley designer looks to grow her own clothing

The Santa Cruz River

Santa Cruz River in jeopardy if international sewage pipe ruptures again, experts fear

Tribally owned solar power plant beats skeptics, odds on Navajo Reservation

Environmentalists want Glen Canyon Dam removed, but is that possible?

After 11 years, legal, bureaucratic battles over Rosemont Mine continue

Native American farmers plan moves to global market, greater sustainability

A year after U.S. left Paris climate pact, mayors still cling to fight

Arizona maintains thousands of water catchments to ensure healthy wildlife populations

Slow drip: Decades-long court battle over water hampers investment in rural Arizona

Study: Droughts are growing hotter under climate change

Phoenix Zoo makes a mini monsoon storm for super-small snails

As more Western cities turn to recycled water, they may face a curious obstacle: The ick factor

Tucson mom joins other parents pressing EPA for ban on toxic chemical

Phoenix partners with California company to turn palm fronds into feed for livestock

Lawn time ago: Tucson saves water with desert landscaping, synthetic grass

Flush with success: Low-flow toilets are water-conservation champ

Remembering the legacy of ‘Those Dam Women’

Non-native tamarisk are demonized across the West, but are they really the enemy?

Phoenix hopes to build mill to recycle certain plastics, easing pressure on landfills

Think you can escape pollution by going to a national park? Think again

Unlikely allies back bill to fund $11.6 billion in national parks work

How Arizona’s largest aquarium keeps its sharks happy, healthy

Endangered species changes either ‘long overdue’ or ‘massive attack’

Arizona is among top states for renewable energy, report says

Arizona officials target species of invasive snail in the lower Salt River

From injured turtles to sustainable clothing: Former Hamilton standout finds his passion

Plan to ‘modernize’ Endangered Species Act called ‘extinction bills’

Arizona rancher says ‘dysfunctional’ rules hurt environment, ranchers

Monsoon rains douse campfire ban in Coconino National Forest; restrictions remain elsewhere

Saving Arizona wildlife: State officials, nonprofit help drought-stressed animals

‘Good riddance’: Democrats, environmentalists cheer Pruitt’s departure

Mowers in sheep’s clothing: Flock clears vegetation around solar panels in southeastern Arizona

Replace your gas-powered lawn mower to help us all breathe easier

A Fourth without fireworks: Flagstaff has been there before

Grassroots group works to save wild horses on parched Navajo Reservation

Reclamation commissioner to Arizona: Get a water deal done this year

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 5 – Smart sustainability

The Goldilocks approach: Arizona HOAs strive to balance lush grass with water conservation

Feds to reconsider yellow-billed cuckoo’s threatened species status

Navajo, others testify for bill to expand protections for ‘downwinders’

Study: Phoenix region among worst for air pollution, researchers recommend changes

Yuma lettuce growers work to rebuild consumer trust after E. coli outbreak in March

Arizona wildlife managers rely on public to help stop poaching

Arizona reboots talks on drought plan while rest of Colorado River Basin watches

ASU partners with Valley Metro to equip buses with thermal sensors

Zinke has ‘no intention’ of revisiting Grand Canyon uranium mining ban

Sportsmen push to keep uranium mining ban near Grand Canyon

Colorado River reservoirs expected to be less than half full by Sept. 30

From pools to popsicles, Phoenix Zoo works to keep animals cool

Monsoon season is here: What to do when the weather turns dangerous

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 4 – Big city, green living

Wildfires have burned 75,000 acres in Arizona, but experts had predicted more

Phoenix haze photo

Flag days: First business joins Arizona program on air-quality alerts

Trump plan to boost coal eyed cautiously by Navajo power plant backers

Water savings and checking accounts: How cities bank on future supply underground

Officials warn that West faces another ‘challenging’ wildfire season

China’s policy shift forces U.S. cities to tighten recycling rules to reduce contamination

Stubbornly steadfast: Mules have kept the Grand Canyon moving since the 1880s

Three bears killed for posing public safety threats in Arizona urbanized areas

Flagstaff bans recycling of plastics other than bottles, jugs and jars

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 3 – Neighborhood eco-watch

Experts: Don’t look to monsoon season for weather relief any time soon

In midst of drought, Moon Valley, Lookout Mountain golf courses to stop irrigating with drinking water

New River to get new water supply, but can the deal control development in the area?

Phoenix, Buckeye among biggest-, fastest-growing cities in U.S. in 2017

Development in New River draws attention to subdivision laws

Eagle eyes: Nest watchers safeguard the next generation of Arizona bald eagles

More than 4,000 acres of land in northern Arizona to be auctioned for gas and oil exploration

Puerto Rico’s push for food independence intertwined with debate over statehood

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 2 – To conserve and protect

Arizona’s water supply plagued by drought, SRP managers work to ensure steady supply

Advocacy group pushes back against seed saving prohibitions

Clean Energy ballot initiative could take Palo Verde nuclear plant off the grid

Tucson entrepreneur finds his groove cutting records out of unusual materials

Groups restoring former WWII-era African-American officers club at Fort Huachuca

The right stuff: Young women take rising interest in taxidermy

Smart dressers: Technology flourishes in wearable fashion designs

May 8, 2018 Newscast | Cronkite News

May 7, 2018 Newscast | Cronkite News

Arizona, U.S. and tribal officials work to save native Apache trout from extinction

Few Arizona buildings certified as ‘net zero,’ extreme climate poses challenges

In Focus: Season 3, Episode 1 – Outside the box

How Monopoly, Jenga and Battleship show cryptocurrency’s energy drain is no game

Hazardous materials: Agencies respond to scores of spills and accidents in Arizona every year

Yuma plant meant to conserve water will cost millions to update

Scientists test device that can extract water from dry Arizona air

Extreme heat, other environmental factors could threaten health of Arizona residents

National Park Service works to attract more ethnically diverse visitors

Rat poison in prey threatens owls, other animals across Arizona

California’s cost of living pushes people to move to Arizona

Upper Colorado River leaders: Arizona ‘threatens’ delicate water balance

Coloring care: California nonprofit makes new crayons out of broken pieces, donates them to children’s hospitals

Lawmakers, witnesses grapple with how to save Navajo Generating Station

Malibu bans plastic utensils and straws; Arizona unlikely to do the same

Trump administration lifts environmental obstacles to building border wall in New Mexico