Cronkite News: Jan. 26, 2016

This edition of Cronkite News focuses on how Desert Vista High School is dealing with a racist photo of students that’s gone viral, and an outbreak of pneumonia among big horn sheep in the high country.

Cronkite News: Jan. 25, 2016

This episode of Cronkite News focuses on how the snowstorm in Washington D.C. impacted Arizonans visiting there, and how several braved the cold and snow to participate in the March for Life.

Cronkite News: Jan. 1, 2016

Editor's note: Cronkite News is continuing to run special presentations through Jan. 22. These archives will be updated when fresh programs start on Jan. 25. This latest edition of Cronkite News is a special presentation featuring the top stories from our Los Angeles and Phoenix sports bureaus, with a focus on how sustainability has impacted sports.