Thanksgiving may have different look, but spirit’s the same as always

WASHINGTON - The family activity may have shifted from church-going to shopping, and the food could be Cajun instead of traditional turkey, but for many the spirit of Thanksgiving remains the same as that immortalized by Norman Rockwell in 1943.

Arizona lawmakers split as House puts brakes on Syrian, Iraqi refugees

WASHINGTON - The House overwhelmingly approved a bill Thursday that calls for the U.S. to stop admitting refugees from Syria and Iraq until they pass additional background checks, including direct approval by three federal security agencies.

Arizona has high youth drug deaths, few policies to curb them

WASHINGTON - Arizona had among the highest rates of teen and young adult overdose deaths, and ranked poorly for programs and policies to curb drug use and encourage healthy living among those age groups, a new report says.

Report lists Arizona as one of top 10 states for ‘bad apple’ gun dealers

WASHINGTON - Arizona is among the top 10 states for "bad apple" gun dealers, the 5 percent of dealers who sold almost 90 percent of the traceable guns later used in crimes across the U.S., a new report says.

What’s in a name? Plenty, to those who want ‘alien’ out of federal law

WASHINGTON - Gilbert resident Belen Sisa, who arrived in the United States from Argentina 15 years ago, says it's time to stop using "inhumane" language to describe large swaths of people - people who call America home.

A fair education – private school serves children of carnival workers

The mechanical roar of Galaxy Coaster combined with joyous screams blare over the faint scratch of pencils on paper. Dylan Lopez chips away at this week’s science homework; the din of the Arizona State Fair doesn’t faze him.

Unsportsmanlike conduct: Senators blast Pentagon spending on sports

WASHINGTON - Patriotic events at many pro sporting events around the country were paid for with Defense Department marketing funds, an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars that cheapens the honor of the event, lawmakers said.

ASARCO, feds agree on $150 million cleanup for Hayden smelter

WASHINGTON - ASARCO will fund up to $150 million in pollution improvements at its Hayden smelter and pay millions more toward local environmental projects to settle federal government charges that the plant violated Clean Air Act standards.