Record amounts of heroin are smuggled through Arizona as overdose deaths rise statewide, nationally

Heroin is the number one drug threat in major communities across the country, with overdose deaths continuing to increase as more heroin is moved across the Southwest, according to a 2015 intelligence report by U.S Drug Enforcement Administration.

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Two Arizona lawmakers buck their parties in vote for new House speaker

WASHINGTON - Arizona lawmakers helped the state live up to its maverick reputation Thursday, with two of the state's nine House members bucking their respective parties in the choice of a new speaker.

Maricopa county attorney: Smoking marijuana at conference is illegal

County Attorney Bill Montgomery said it's a federal crime to smoke weed without a medical marijuana license.

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McCain demands apology from Clinton for her comments on VA problems

WASHINGTON - Sen. John McCain demanded Wednesday that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apologize to veterans for saying that Department of Veterans Affairs problems are "not as widespread" as they appear but have been inflated by Republicans' "ideological agenda."

As more pregnant women use heroin, meth, other drugs, more babies suffer the consequences

Nathan Lepp, a neonatologist who works with ill and premature infants, leans over a white crib to check a monitor that hangs above on the wall of the neonatal unit at Maricopa Integrated Health Systems. The white crib is empty, but a tiny knit purple hat rests on the soft sheets along with a horseshoe shaped pillow.

Maricopa County program provides mortgage assistance to a new demographic

The program will provide grants for first responders seeking mortgages.

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Ducey kicks off drug addiction awareness week

From the lawn of the Arizona State Capitol, recovering heroin addict Matt Lindgren told a packed audience that his addiction to pain medications quickly led to heroin - and ultimately, the loss of his children to the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

DPS receives two new utility planes; plans to use them for evacuation and transportation

The Arizona Department of Public Safety acquired two brand new planes, called Skytrucks, three months ago. The free planes came from the U.S. Airforce and will be used for tasks like transporting SWAT teams, fighting fires and evacuating residents.

Panel explores economic impact of Arizona childhood trauma

Increased early childhood programs, parenting programs and bringing puppies into schools were just a few of the solutions a panel of Arizona businesspeople suggested to combat the effects of childhood trauma.

Craigslist fraud plagues Phoenix residents

Craigslist fraud continues to plague online buyers and law enforcement in the Phoenix area, according to local authorities.

City of Phoenix approved to hire consultant for alternative fuel evaluation

City of Phoenix vehicles may be trading in gasoline power for electric power.

Report: No amount of alcohol is safe while pregnant

No amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy, according to a new report by a leading U.S. pediatricians' group. And that prevention is key because people impaired by their mother’s drinking during pregnancy do not have access to programs focused solely on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.