Stanton touts city’s successes, warns of need to fight for water rights

WASHINGTON - Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton told a Washington panel Tuesday that Arizona is in a fight to make sure other states, particularly California, don't take water "that rightfully belongs to the people of Arizona."

Take a hike – and more. Study ranks Arizona high for length of workouts

WASHINGTON - People in Arizona work out longer than those in almost any other state, according to an analysis of data from millions of users of a popular fitness app.

Hiking Arizona

Even superheroes have limits: Court turns down Spider-Man toy inventor

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court ruled against the Tucson inventor of a Spider-Man web shooter toy Monday, saying Marvel Entertainment no longer has to pay him royalties on its sale of the toy.

Spider-Man toy patent

Whose holiday is it? Transgender parents on Mother’s, Father’s days

WASHINGTON - When her Tucson church asked all the mothers in the congregation to stand up and be recognized on Mother's Day, Abby Jensen rose.

transgender moms

Arizona delegation splits on vote to let Pacific trade deal advance

WASHINGTON - Arizona Republicans sided with President Barack Obama and the state's Democrats opposed him Thursday, as the House voted to revive stalled negotiations toward a 12-nation free-trade pact with Asian and Pacific Rim countries.

Federal appeals court upholds use of GPS evidence in border arrest

WASHINGTON - GPS does many things, but one thing it does not do is lie, a federal court ruled Thursday.

Supreme Court sides with Gilbert pastor, strikes down town sign law

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court Thursday sided with a Gilbert pastor who said the town's sign restrictions were infringing on his First Amendment rights.

Arizona deaths from injuries rose, got worse compared to other states

WASHINGTON - Arizona had the nation's 12th-highest rate of deaths from injuries from 2011 to 2013, and drug-related injuries accounted for the largest number of those deaths, a new report says.

heroin works

Arizona lawmakers mostly follow party line in vote on troop withdrawal

WASHINGTON - Arizona split largely down party lines as the House Wednesday rejected a Democratic proposal calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria and Iraq.

Syria vote

Court rules against death-row inmate who filed appeal one day late

WASHINGTON - A federal appeals court Wednesday rejected the plea of an Arizona death row inmate, saying it could not overlook the fact that one of his appeals was filed one day beyond the deadline.

What’s cookin’ in Phoenix? Eggs and ice cream outside

So what do you do on a hot, slow news day in Phoenix? Scramble eggs and melt ice cream outside, of course.

Arizona, again, can’t show compliance with Prison Rape Elimination Act

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department said that for the second year in a row Arizona was unable to submit proof of compliance or assurances that it was meeting federal prison rape prevention laws.

Arizona prison Florence